Roundtable: Can Xbox 360 Rule '08?

In '07, Xbox 360 had a killer line-up of top-tier titles. But that didn't keep Wii from surpassing the 360's install base. With Sony gearing up for a big year on PS3 and moms and dads flocking to the Wii, what does Microsoft need to do to win the console wars in 2008?

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toughNAME4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Quality does not matter, just like the Wii the PS3 will eventually pass the Xbox 360

The experience and brand name the other two bring to the table cannot be matched by Microsoft, atleast not this generation.

Hardware and Software sales will eventually be taken over by Sony but, lucky for me, even with the dull 2008 xbox 360 line is still the most appealing to me compared to Sony and Nintendo's lineup

Game on:D

C_SoL4838d ago

Round Table......gonna buy me some right now....

LoydX-mas4838d ago

I know that your excited about the PS3, but it is going to have to outsell the 360 for a long time to actually pass it.

And that does not include WHEN the 360 has another price cut.

fusionboxer4837d ago (Edited 4837d ago )

the ps3 could outsell the 360 this year alone in overall hardware sales, but possibly in 2009.

I mean this year the ps3 has killzone 2, resistance 2, granturismo prologue, metal gear solid 4, little big planet and much more, while next year holds Final Fantasy 13 and gran turismo 5. Also sales could drastically increase if Blu Ray indeed becomes the single movie format for the next couple of years.

The 360 has less announced exclusives this year with none of them really being huge hitters compared to the ps3's draw, MGS4 (well besides Fable 2 and Splinter Cell). The reason why i don't think Halo Wars and Alan wake will be huge is because at this point i really don't know much about them. The original Halo drew people in with it's smooth FPS controls on a home console. Converting all the FPS maniacs to loving RTS' might be difficult. Sure the name might sell alot, but who knows. Alan wake is kind of a mystery to me at this point. The screen shots looked amazing, but it's really up in the air. The other thing is that Epic could release gears of war 2 and that would be a huge deal considering the success of the original in terms of software AND hardware sales.

On the other hand I Personally don't think MS needs to try to grab the casual gamer anymore. Sure most of it's install base is casual at this point, but what they should do is expand on Live and improve it throughout all of 2008 so that by 2009 it would be the best service around. Forget competing with Nintendo because all it would do is waste time and resources on things that your install base doesn't even want at this point. It's already HUGE so make sure your customers are happy.

PS Home on the other hand will instantly grab casual gamers the moment they see it on commercials or in action. It might attract a bunch of pedophiles, but hopefully Sony has a counter to that. Also Sony and NC soft agree that free to play MMO's are the way of the future and that offers some great potential. Imagine the ps3 becoming the new MMO box for free to play games with micro transactions for other options. It's a great idea and hopefully NC soft does a good job in realizing that (throwing away the pay monthly ideal of WOW).

So what's gonna happen? I think Sony will win out this year, but if MSoft can announce gears 2 and possibly some other past franchises making a return then i could see a tie. Otherwise there's no way the 360 could take 2008 due to the sheer number of releases sony has this year. 2007 was definitely the 360's and i say use 2008 to iron out all the flaws of live and make Online gaming their continued focus.

Pain4837d ago

Aside from Multi-plats it has Nothing.
PS3 will out sell 360, xbots will say other wise but PS3 wil be king in sales and games by end of year FACT.

Say Other wise but your fooling yourSelves, but w/e helps u sleep beter.

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Hydrollex4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Agree or Disagree

My reasons:

PS3 has better feautures

- Devs learned how to work with PS3, now we know PS3 is stronger than 360 ( most latest games run better on PS3 ) especially when Gametrailers confirmed their bullsh!t way to compare 360 vs PS3, I mean the video clips
- Better Line-Up ( Good Exclusives, 360 got nothing compared to PS3 )
- Home
- Blu-ray winning
- 20 unannounced exclusives
- Better FW updates
- more more more more

MailMan4838d ago

I agree with you,Micro$oft have FAILED in the OS market with the abysmal Vista,they've FAILED in the MP3 market with the below AVERAGE Zune,they've FAILED in the Hi-Def market with the now EXTINCT HD DVDead format,they've FAILED in providing a STABLE and RELIABLE Online Network,and they're FAILING in the console war by selling LESS consoles than the DIRECT competitor,that is,the Playstation 3 home entertainment console.

What's that?Robbie Bach has DUMPED even MORE of his Xbox stock?Looks like he's Jumping OUT.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

Bombomb4837d ago


" - Blu-ray winning
- 20 unannounced exclusives
- Better FW updates
- more more more more

just killed it...who gives a F#$%k about unannounced you get excited about there, I guess more more more goes for every console...

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Legionaire20054838d ago

Perfect Dark 2, Gears of War 2 Killer Instincts 3, Fable 2, Alan Wake, and many yet to be announce games to give Sony a run for their money. It is Sony who is mostly likely going to be in the lead, cause games like Resistance Fall of Man 2(that has 60 players online!!! and 8 players cooperative!!), Killzone 2, Final Fantasy 13, and Metal Gear Solid 4(which is almost done) is going to steal the thunder from Xbox360. Downloadable content for Halo 3 is not enough for 360 in 08. Microsoft need to come up with an idea comparable to the Resistance Fall of Man 2 announcement. You got to admit 60 players online and 8 players cooperative is a big win for Sony!!!

IntelligentAj4838d ago

Feelin that avatar. Great frickin movie.

Hydrollex4838d ago (Edited 4838d ago )

Not Only video games.

Everyone knows GTA series were PS friends. GTA IV is one of the games that will be the best on PS3.

GTA is a game that needs more Ram and CPU bandwidth. I have a friend who is an engineer. He says PS3 is technicaly stronger than 360.

This is the email I got from him

the ps3 has the NVIDIA-based RSX "Reality Synthesizer" and the 360 ATI-based custom processor, nvidia a little better than ati. The only thing the 360 has its more video ram(512) and the ps3 256. But the ps3 its faster which its good, cause it loads more details and objects faster. Both consoles are great, i own them both, but to tell you the truth the ps3 has better graphics than the 360, some people say no, but thats because theyre comparing the first ps3 games vs the nowadays 360 games. If you go back in time and see those first 360 games and compare em to the first ps3, youll see a big difference in favor of the PS3......just wait a few months and youll see the real PS3 POTENTIAL.......

p.s- thats why the ps3 is going to last for 10 years and the 360 only 5. in five years the tittle will be PS3 VS XBOX 720

Another Engineer

My personal opinion is that the PS3 is the better console.


My right hand is up and I swear to god those are real emails from computer experts and I didn't change even 1 word. :)

moses4838d ago

The rsx does NOT have 5 years of tech on the 360's GPU, the rsx is just a beefed up G70 with a high floating point power, or so says Sony. Just so people don't start accusing me of false info, even an Nvidia rep said that the rsx was in fact a G70. I've gotten into an argument with a Sony fanboy before about the RSX, and he claimed that it was used in Sony rendering farms to produce realtime movie CGI, and that it could never be maxed by any game. It's ridiculous what some people believe.

Rice4838d ago

360's Ati custom based video card is better than Ps3's RSX i.e Unified shader, 10mb embedded ram etc. But the Cell processor is just a beast in terms of computing power. Dispite its complex architecture, developers are getting a hang of it, look at uncharted, GT stated it is the best looking game out of the 3 console, and it was said that the game only used like 30 percent of the SPE's. Most multiplatform games will look better on the 360 but most Ps3's exclusives like MGS4 and Killzone will surpass the graphical achievements of the 360.

Legionaire20054838d ago

I do agree that the PS3 has better graphics, but 360 will last 7 years or just as long as the PS3. 360 still has power left under the hood that could still be a challenge for PS3. I own a 360 and a Wii, and I am planning on getting a PS3(Got to get Resistance Fall of Man 2 60 players is just plain awesome man!!)soon.

InMyOpinion4837d ago

The 360 version of GTA IV will have exclusive episodic content. If you're a GTA fan you wouldn't want to miss out on that.

It's funny that you say the PS3 will be better at handling GTA IV since Rockstar's R.A.G.E engine(that it runs on) was designed for the 360. They used it for the first time in Table Tennis to learn how to best make full use of the 360's power.

The game will probably be identical on both consoles, with the exception of added exclusive content for the 360 version.

jessupj4837d ago

"The 360 version of GTA IV will have exclusive episodic content. If you're a GTA fan you wouldn't want to miss out on that."

I'm a GTA fan, but the exclusive content doesn't really interest me. It looks like its just going to be extra missions, which 'episodic content' implies, just extra story line. Besides, it's not like it's gonna be free, M$ will be milking youas much as they can. I'll be getting for the more reliable PS3. I haven't even got a ps3 yet anyway and I'm not that rich atm.

In any case I'm sure we can all agree we can't wait til release :D

liquidsnake4837d ago

Dude, no one really cares about the extra content. First of all, its going to be a couple of more missions...the map wont be bigger or anything. Second, Rockstar have stated that the extra content will be available first AFTER 2009.

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WilliamRLBaker4838d ago

*whispers* guess what....xemnas was a fruity bastard....and kingdom hearts sux.....

oh and yes:)

xplosneer4838d ago

If I could I would come through your screen and punch you for saying that.