Nintendo Enthusiast's Play-by-Play Prediction of the Nintendo Press Conference

Nintendo Enthusiast:

The E3 2012 Nintendo press conference is only two weeks away. Join us as we predict exactly what will go down in the Nokia Theater.

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Snookies122436d ago

I really hope Nintendo wow's me! Sony has done a great job, but I'd love to have a reason to go out and buy a Wii U. Give me an F-Zero, a Metroid, or a Smash Bros., and consider your console bought Nintendo.

TheSuperior 2435d ago

Im putting a lot of hope on Nintendo. A little nervous about what the Wii U will have to offere but its an excited nervous. lol

klecser2435d ago

Please localize Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem: Awakening

shackdaddy2435d ago

Wow. That would be an awesome show if true. It sounds feasible too (except maybe the new 3DS model. I don't think they want to release a new one yet and piss off consumers.)

Menashe2435d ago

It's actually fairly likely to happen. Almost a given in my books.

ronin4life2435d ago

I don't know... there are like 3 or 4 games that allow for a second stick, and none of them require it.
Unless they really want to push wiiu/3ds connectivity or a crap ton of dual stick games are announced, it really isn't necessary and may actually be more harmful than helpful.

Furthermore, the 3ds is forecast to be profitable starting in or around September. A redesign would increase costs, making this return to profitability less likely.

shackdaddy2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I know it will happen soon. I just don't think they will show it off during their e3 conference. I mean, they were so worried about fans getting pissed when they did a price drop last year that they gave everyone 20 free games. I don't think they'll want to repeat that amount of flak only one year later...

I expect them to reveal the new 3ds anywhere after holiday season. That sounds like a good time imo...

EvilTwin2435d ago

I knew I held off on buying a 3DS for a reason...

camel_toad2435d ago

I think the only thing that could make me buy a wii u after the wii would be a new & good metroid - unlike the last one.

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The story is too old to be commented.