Newsflash : Girl with Monofocal Vision has 3DS… and loves it

HelenBaby from Plus XP Writes "So yeah. As those of you who have met me will know I have a lazy eye. In my case this means I can only use one eye at a time, which means I can’t see 3D, which requires bifocal (or ‘two-eyed’) vision. Having monofocal vision has hampered my ability to do a few things, such as judging when to hit/catch/kick a moving ball (which made me pretty much appalling at every ball game they made us do during PE in school) and to appreciate Magic Eye artwork. But you know what? It hasn’t stopped me being able to enjoy playing my 3DS. Because (and this isn’t obvious to everyone, believe it or not) I play with the 3D slider switched off. Yep, I see my games in regular flat 2D, same as how most Xbox 360, PS3, PSP games look. Which is fine because, and this is really the point I’m trying to get at here, the 3DS has so much more going for it than simply the 3D gimmick. Its far from being a one-trick pony… Brilliant connectivity between users (think Streetpass Plaza) is mixed with intriguing creative possibilities (provided in the form of Nintendo Letterbox, PlusXp article here, and 3DS Sound, among others). Lets not forget the built-in web browser, pedometer or camera. All of these features can be enjoyed with or without the 3D slider switched up."

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Snookies122340d ago

It's good to hear that 3D isn't the only thing going for the 3DS. I do want one at some point, as it does have a number of games that interest me. I have to say, just like the last gen of handhelds in which I thought both DS and PSP were wonderful. The 3DS and Vita have stepped it up even further. Either one you go with I assure you'll be happy. Having played both, I say even if you're not into handheld games you should at least give both of them a try and see what you think.

fekkyFTP2340d ago

I want more 3D in Playstation...especially for Resident Evil series