Famitsu Confirms Lei Fang for Dead or Alive 5

Shoryuken: While rumors about Dead or Alive 5′s cast have been circulating for quite some time, mostly due to some conspicuous code in the game’s alpha demo, Tecmo Koei has revealed little in the way of official character confirmations. Luckily, it would seem the latest issue of Famitsu contains a small bit of news regarding one character in particular.

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VTKC2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Well I am glad they are not going the way of the soul calibur where characters mysteriously dissapear from the roster. Good for you DOA!

and thank you for maintaining the characters

Lucretia2338d ago

to be fair namco screwed project soul and didnt give them the 6 months PS wanted to finish the game thats why the story is only 25% complete, they even have a bunch of other cutscenes filmed and some even voiced already

and why some characters are missing.

i know Daishi (PS's director) confirmed that Bangoo was going to be in it, (they have sketches) and Cassandra was returning, but she had a new fighting style with a Long Sword and no shield. (not a giant sword or short sword, but a Long blade)

still love SC5 tho,

but cant wait for DOA5 this september!!! me and my fiance are gonna freak haha

VTKC2338d ago

Its Tekken 4 all over again. Messing with the mechanics of a game when it worked alright in the first place and removing characters.

They butcher the characters movelist? and change GI to having to build a gauge up to be able to perform BUT adding the ability to Guard break due to blocking too much? That doesnt make sense. So now one cant even defend themselves from continuious attacks from faster characters.
They screwed up big time. I rather play SC4 than 5.

tarbis2338d ago

YAY! Lei Fang. One of fav DOA chars. ^o^

Regent_of_the_Mask2338d ago

They had to confirm her cause they're already ruining the game by removing DOA characters for MORE lame VF characters & tacking on the crappy power blow mechanic.

Lucretia2338d ago

stfu u doa5 troll, u troll every doa5 article. u obviously never played the demo, and think that the game is Virtua fighter vs doa. noob