Fallout 3: Prettiest Post-apocalyptic Ever

Fallout 3 is the latest gem coming from Bethesda, developers of the mega hit Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. The game takes place in the wastes of Washington DC and centers on the travels of a young man who has been born and raised in Vault-101. In the 200 years after the Great War, no one has stepped foot outside the sanctuary of the vault until your father –voice acted by Liam Neeson- mysteriously leaves one morning. Armed with the iconic PipBoy, the player heads out in search of his father, forging his own story in the great Capital Waste.

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MK_Red4664d ago

It will also be the best one :)
I really REALLY hope Bethesda doesn't try to make another Oblivion and instead goes for a real Fallout.

HeartlesskizZ4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

can you actually attack with out having to press the attack command like FF series where the computer does it for you? I ask this because is the only thing I hate of FF.

MK_Red4663d ago

The new game is actually real-time and can played like a normal FPS/RPG like Deus Ex or Oblivion. There is just a pause button for selection a body part of enemy for a quick and GORY shot :)

SpaceCowgirl4664d ago

I just hope that it is not the same scaled leveling system, I want to actually run into enemies that can kill me like in fallout, I don't want it to be like oblivion where enemies appear only depending on what level I am. Generally while I am excited I doubt it will meet my expectations.

MK_Red4664d ago

QFTW, completely agreed. Thankfully they have confirmed that there are enemies that are impossible to kill for a long time and the game will follow original Fallouts in that regard. The scaling system will be used rather lightly and only for lesser enemies like rats.
The only problem I have is the level cap at 20 which I believe is wrong. Fallout shouldn't have level cap and has to allow player to become a level 99 god.

SpaceCowgirl4664d ago

Wow that is really hurtin, that is one of the best parts of the fallout series, becoming a godlike character, walking into some seedy bar looking for some outlaw, having a bunch of sadistic mutants surround you thinking they are going to rape your purdy mouth, then suddenly erupting like a nuclear bomb as you quickly shoot out everyone like you're neo from the matrix. Imagining these post apocalyptic bad asses fleeing in terror from your godlike might.

Staircase4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Fallout is going to be so kickass... I want to get it for PC, but I have a feeling my PC would explode.

PS: Hey look, MK_Red is on the preview Pic. ;)

MK_Red4664d ago

I hope that too because while the game is coming for consoles and I have a 360, Fallout is the game that was born on PC and should be played on PC.
Plus no console can stay on for longer than 8 hours which is the minimum time I'd spend on a Fallout game in one session.

cartman3134664d ago

I haven't played any Fallout game. This looks great though. MK, the PS3 is good to stay on for weeks. Between it and my PC, it keeps my room warm during this cold winter!

Theo11304664d ago

I say that because Ive never played a fallout game, but the concept sound really cool. plus its coming from bethesda

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The story is too old to be commented.