E3 2012 preview: Without Apple, is it still the "true" industry event?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "But the continuing absence of Apple from the show demonstrates a problem with E3: like it or not, Apple’s devices as well as Zynga and Facebook as a platform are all important threads of the gaming tapestry."

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DragonKnight2342d ago

Yes, it is. Apple and Zynga do not deserve to be a part of E3. Apple and Zynga are like those people who see you being/doing something cool and then decide to jump in at the last minute trying to claim fame and glory whilst contributing the most basic of efforts that do virtually nothing to make real progress or in any way better the product.

Most of the companies at E3 have been in the game or part of a company that have been in the game for a long time. They've paid their dues, have contributed much to the growth of the industry, and aren't making their focus the continued degradation of quality in the industry. They deserve to be there, not Apple or Zynga.

MultiConsoleGamer2342d ago

There will be plenty of iOS products on the show floor, but yeah, I actually agree with this author.

But this is a problem with Apple and not with the E3 Expo. The Expo is open to any major company that wants to attend the show. Apple, get off your ass...

MattS2342d ago

I suspect it will happen in the next few years. Apple's hostility towards the games industry was largely a result of Steve Jobs - he didn't much like games, and allowing games on the iOS devices was a reluctant afterthought.

Tim Cook is a pretty savvy businessman. He's going to see $$$s in gaming, I think. That bluetooth controller will happen...

firefoxprime2341d ago

20 min quick fix vs 20+ hours play time. Guess it all depends on your schedule.

Got my first andriod phoneSamsung Captivate Glide) last week and saw an Ashphalt 6 demo. Nice lil title, but I perfer Mario Kart7 or NFS.

PerpetualMathx102342d ago

haha yeah right fuck apple, more so let the developers for the ios games show up if they please but apple? get real theyre about as much gaming as the free flash games on the internet.

Christopher2341d ago

Yes, it is. Apple doesn't make games. They provide a platform and an OS.

This is like Microsoft when they only made an OS. They didn't make gaming hardware or games, just an OS that game makers used.

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