First gameplay footage of Lost Planet 3 emerges

Enizr: "Hot on the heels of the batch of screenshots released yesterday, you can now feast your eyes on the first proper gameplay footage of Capcom's upcoming third-person shooter Lost Planet 3."

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Uncharted2Vet2495d ago

never was into lost planet, but this looks okay nothing to rave about though. you can definitely see that it gathers alot of inspiration from dead space.

CanadianTurtle2495d ago

A lot more quick time events now. But to be honest, I'll pass.

I think the main reason Lost Planet 1 was so popular because at the time the game came out, the standards for a good game was very low. The game was good for its time.

But I played Lost Planet 2 and it was just a painful experience. Clunky controls, awkward gameplay, and a poorly implemented co-op multiplayer.

By looking at the gameplay and trailer for this game, I must say that I'm not very impressed. Usually a trailer and gameplay footage has to at least strike an interest in me to make me learn more about this game, but there's no spark for this game.

thekiddfran2495d ago

There is a guy called Mortis Wanke....

Rampaged Death2495d ago

This will probably be the first Lost Planet I purchase. Why wasn't the series like this at the start ?

SuperLupe2495d ago

Lost Planet was ace so you missed out, the second one not so much.

Tdmd2495d ago

Is still worth getting it?

SuperLupe2495d ago

Considering it must be dirt cheap now, definately.

Whatsupdog2494d ago

Yea,the first one was really good, but the second was just a painful co-op focused experience. THe first game was also one of the few titles at that time to implement nice Dx10 effects.

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The story is too old to be commented.