Rugby Challenge PS Vita Gets A Release Date And Artwork

Rugby Challenge was announced for the PS Vita last year but no one knew when it was coming out until now.

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JoGam2338d ago

OOOOOOOOO Kay, I never knew this was coming. Any videos yet?

jbl3162337d ago

no videos yet. I played it a couple of months ago. Looks just like the PS3 version which is a good thing I guess. Plays the same too.

Darth Stewie2337d ago

does it support cross play?

KosmoCrisis2337d ago

I'm going to guess that this isn't coming to North America

Darth Stewie2337d ago

The only way I see this releasing in the US would be through PSN, but most likely you will need to import it if you want to play it.

Gigawatt252337d ago

Hmm...poor man's FOOTBALL. Pass. (pun intended)

Sorrow242336d ago

Play a full game of Rubgy, handegg man, and then tell me if its a "poor man's football. -_-"