NBA 2K13 Release Date Announced; coming to Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and PC

Take-Two Interactive has announced the release date of NBA 2K13.

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kingdavid2435d ago

No vita version?


2435d ago
john22434d ago

Perhaps it will come at a later date? Nothing is certain at this point but my guess is that the 2K13 version of PSP will be based on the 2K12 and that's why there is a PSP and not a PS Vita version.

PiccoloGR2434d ago

Hopefully the netcode will be better and visuals will be as good as those in SP mode

Outside_ofthe_Box2435d ago

Lin 4 Da Win!!! I'll be picking 2K13 up.

buddyro2435d ago

I'll be picking 2K13 up also, I love the game very fun and keeps me enjoying the game of basketball.

Darth Stewie2435d ago

No Vita for cross play = fail. Sports titles are one genre that cross play could be really beneficial.(MLB The Show is a perfect example)

Freshnikes2435d ago

MLB the show isn't cross play!!!! I can't play my friends online if I'm on my vita and they are on ps3!! Trust me I tried!! U can save stuff 2 a cloud or whatever like ur season. But that doesn't interest me because it means I would of had to buy the game twice!! :(

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