Nintendo: Make Zelda Appealing Again

The Wind Waker. Spirit Tracks. Skyward Sword. Nintendo's taken Zelda in a lot of weird directions in the last few years, and it's taken a bit of a toll on the series' enduring popularity. Meanwhile, the Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess approach generates consistent excitement every time. Nintendo, cut the crap and start doing things right.

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aviator1892342d ago

I honestly really loved the style of Twilight Princess over Skyward Sword. I hope Zelda WiiU is similar to that.

linkratos2342d ago

I know it's personal opinion, but to me Twilight Princess was one of the least visually appealing games I've ever played, not just among Zeldas. I hated the character designs and the color schemes, plus the weird hybrid between cartoon and real.

I thought Wind Waker was pretty good, and Skyward Sword would have been great if not for the Wii holding it back. I hope they go back to basing it on realism and adding stylization. i guess that's what TP tried, so maybe it's worth another shot. Just don't go about it the exact same way.

CaptainPunch2342d ago

I think my favorite Zelda game was Wind Waker and a Link to the Past. However I still enjoy every Zelda game that gets released.

browngamer412342d ago

I love Zelda..even though Skyward Sword was not my favorite Zelda(that honor belongs to TP) it was still an amazing game-the thing is even a sub par game in the series(by it's own standards) is still leagues ahead of 90 percent of the other games out there..lay off my series.

Jirachi2342d ago

A fellow tp fan nice :D

PopRocks3592342d ago

I guess I'll be that guy. I loved Skyward Sword; it's definitely my favorite so far. It played as smoothly as I expected, the sword fights were awesome and I adored the storyline. Looking forward to the next one.

rks892342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I've played ALTTP, OOT, WW, TP ( the game many didnt like lol), Minish Cap, FSA and now SS.

Skyward Sword was the first time I hated a Zelda game and stopped playing after a couple of dungeons ( in particular, the 4th dungeon, Ancient Cistern). I believe what they need to is 2 things beyond what the article said.
1. Cut the filler and unnecessary tasks. I have absolutely no problem in doing tasks in between dungeons but this game was absolutely ridiculous. Especially between the 3rd and 4th dunegon which was almost excruciating to get through. And if you are going to do tasks in between dungeons, have them be meaningful to the plot. TP almost did this correctly. I dont want to get a bottle of water for someone LOL.

2. This series seriously needs a difficult setting. It needs to give that option to the players because Zelda games have gotten far to easy. Its become borderline insulting. The only thing I found annoying about SS was having to recalibrate the damn WM + every single time during the boss fight which was incredibly annoying.

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