DmC Devil May Cry Japanese release date set

Gematsu: "DmC Devil May Cry will launch on January 18, 2013 in Japan, Weekly Famitsu has confirmed."

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Servbot2342d ago

Cool, I hope it turns out well. It certainly looks good from what I've seen.

Kratoscar20082342d ago

Yeah this game looks good, in enjoyed HS so in espect good things from this game.

YoungKingDoran2342d ago

im hoping for the best
does anyone know what they are thinking of this game in Japan?
are they keen for it or do they have the same complaints as us whiteys?

Soldierone2342d ago

Was reading about it in Game Informer....I love DMC and was actually giving this game a shot, but the screenshots they provided looked horrible.....I hate the character design, the original was all badass, and this new one they showed wasn't that great.

k-dillinger2342d ago

f**k this game and ninja theory

WeskerChildReborned2342d ago

and this wannabe Dante which Nero can beat hella easily.

reznik_zerosum2342d ago

eventually old dante will comeback,this IS capcom ffs they like $$$

Colonel_Dante2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Hope all that nonsense about the world ending in December isnt true...

Cuz I want to see this turd burst into flames when it bombs in January.
Real DMC fans wont buy this.