Dan Adams Leaves IGN: So long… and thanks for all the hate mail

Dan Adams, Editor-in-Chief for IGN PC is bidding farewell to the site after nearly eight years with the site.

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Mikelarry4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

all these game journalist and quiting thier jobs. its fast becoming a trend. lol

xplosneer4665d ago


Seriously all these quittings are hurting game reporting.

Staircase4665d ago

Maybe there will be a revolution and Gaming Journalism will finally become whole again... Yeah, Right. I wish.

bootsielon4665d ago

Personally I hate game journalists. I think that with websites built by the users such as N4G, we don't need journalists for reviews anymore. They will only serve for reporting now, as Editorial content can be found anywhere, and in the end it has been proven that fanboys like Dan Hsu and Shane Bettenhausen working for EGM are not better than your Xbox or PS fanboys next door.

name4665d ago

IGN is one of the few gaming sites I actually respect. They have my support and so do their journalists. Even if they do go a little looney sometimes.

Figboy4665d ago

fanboy ravaged and biased the gaming media has become over the past two years, i don't *CARE if an editor quits or not.

maybe we'll finally get some journalists who know how to be *OBJECTIVE, instead of hopping on whatever convenient bandwagon rolls by (ie, the current, and absolute *@SSKISSING going on with the Playstation 3 lately. for the past *TWO YEARS, it's been Sony and Playstation 3 hate, now, thanks to that whole Warner Bros. move, media everywhere has been talking up the PS3 like crazy. fricking *HYPOCRITES).

i've been a gamer for a long time, and there was a point when you could trust these magazines to report the *NEWS, and *FACTS, not baseless speculation. sure, there were dedicated fan publications for consoles, but the magazines that covered multiple platforms *ALWAYS had a sort of balance. nothing was ever skewed to just one platform or the other. the Saturn, N64, and PS1 *ALL got their fare share of coverage and love.

*NOWADAYS, you got magazines like EGM changing the color scheme of their mag to *GREEN (i'm serious, grab any copy of EGM from the past year or so, and you'd think, at first glance, it was an MS publication), and websites jumping into the fray bashing what is popular to bash, and praising what is popular to praise. giving unfair ratings to games that *DON'T deserve it (personally, i think Assassin's Creed is a 8/10 and above game; Ubisoft put a lot of work into the title, as the animations and combat system are solid, but the repetitive mission structure is it's only real weak point, but after beating the game, i have a *BALL just roaming around rooftops, and assassinating innocent civilians; after beating the game once, you no longer get a penalty for assassinating them. it's *GREAT), and reviewing games for *CERTAIN SYSTEMS on such a high curve that most of them hardly ever see a *NINE or above, despite deserving it (there's no reason why a game like Uncharted shouldn't have an average of 9.5/10, considering how much was put into that game, in terms of story, visuals, gameplay, and extras).

games aren't even being reviewed for what they *ARE, and instead, on how much *HYPE the reviewers themselves have drummed up since the title was announced, and what the game was *SUPPOSED to be. it's getting absurd.

then you have sites like Game Trailers, *PURPOSELY ignoring features that would make Playstation 3 games look equal to, or better than, their 360 counter-parts, because they're a bunch of raging fanboys.

the gaming media *NEEDS to change. less bias fanboyism, and more legit, objective, and most importantly, *HONEST journalism.

consumers don't like to be lied to. the gaming industry is *NO DIFFERENT. at the very least, we *DESERVE honesty and more integrity in the gaming media. it's easy to become disenchanted with the hobby the more it falls under the sway of *CORPORATIONS, and not the hard-working people that make the games we love.

if the mass evacuation of gaming editors and writers brings about a positive change in the industry, then *GOOD. but if it leads to more of the same, i may just find myself avoiding game-related news for a while until it can be covered fairly.

mrlakadaddy4665d ago

an excellent assessment...bubbles for you sir

Figboy4665d ago

i'm just really disappointed with gaming "coverage" as of late.

for more evidence of the ridiculous bias of the gaming media, take a look at the endgadget coverage of the Sony and Microsoft CES Press Conferences.

the Sony one is laced with sarcasm and smarm, with very little actual *REPORTING of what was being said and shown, while the Microsoft press conference is full of praise and adoration, for Bill Gates, for the products on display. they even have *FULL QUOTES and blocks of text informing the reader about what was being said.

the fanboyism ravaging the gaming media is getting to absurd proportions these days. it's their *JOBS to be objective, video game coverage or not. the gaming media was supposed to be the last bastion for gamers looking for some clear cut news about our favorite past time, but instead we're met with scorn, ridicule, and contempt for anything but the *CREAM of the crop (there was a time when an 8 meant the game was still a "Must Buy," nowadays, the media and gamers alike treat the score like it's the plague. it's insane.