Is Sony Relying too Heavily on Cross Platform Play?

One of the biggest marketing focuses for the Playstation Vita is, and has been, cross platform play. But is this the right aspect Sony should be focusing on with its powerful new handheld? Putting a majority of their attention on cross platform play may take away the potential for more unique 1st party Sony exclusive experiences.

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JoGam2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Hell no its not bad. Its lovely.

Edited: @TheXtremePulse...I believe Vita will have games that will be on Vita only. I think some will be announced at E3. Besides to be able to take your game save on the go from your PS3 and play on ur Vita is AWESOME. Also Look at it like this, a awesome game made for the PS3, Vita only owners would love to have it on the portable system. Its a win win for Sony.

TheXtremePulse2343d ago

well its not a bad thing, like i stated in my post, but I am more concerned that it will deter away from Sony supporting unique experiences. For example instead of a unique to Vita Sly Cooper we are getting the same game but tailored slightly for the vita.

Dante1122343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Cross platform gaming is bad all of a sudden lol? Isn't this like the main thing gamers have wanted the Vita to do with the PS3?

Edit: @ TheXtreme

The Vita already has and will have unique games specifically made for it (Gravity Daze, CoD, Resistance: Burning Skies, etc). We'll also see what Sony has for it come E3.

NewMonday2343d ago

its not just about Cross Platform Play, its also about life style, many would find it convenient to have a game on the go.

and Cross Platform Play will vital for online games, with the Vita sharing the big PS3 online community, if the same CoD MP is used for PS3 and Vita, it will be a game changer

morganfell2343d ago

I can't believe a site just asked that question. How many cross platform games are out? How many announced? If anything tehre isn't enough.

newmonday makes an excellent point. It is about gaming fitting into your life style. If anything cross platform and transfarring are true mobile gaming.

Who writes these ridiculous articles and then has all of their high school friends approve them?

ginsunuva2342d ago

Some games they're announcing make no sense to have cross-plat play. Sly Cooper, which will be a <13 hour single-player experience, makes no sense to carry over a save on the go. Why would you want to finish the game even faster?
Cross-platform play needs to be for games with endless replay value (fighters, racers, sports, rpgs, multiplayer games). Not shorter SP games.

Sony has no clue what they're doing with Vita. It can do so much that they have no focus, so they end up being the jack of all trades. Again.
It can act as a secondary PS3 controller, transfer saves, and do remote play. The first one may easily be implemented. The second one means lots of ps3 ports. And remote play means that ps3 ports would be useless on vita (well, not really because of the lag, but to consumers). Sony realized remote play can cannibalize the Vita, so they have it there as an unused opportunity.
Or should the Vita have non-console ports that work better on handhelds?

Too many options.

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TheXtremePulse2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Well I am looking at it from a perspective of the consumer. I don't care if its a win win for Sony. But like I said I am not against cross platform, I am more interested in finding out what everyone is more interested in, A game that is almost identical to the ps3 or something completely unique.

I am only one portion of the Vita owners as I own both consoles so I do want to know what everyone thinks.

thanks for replying JoGam

BubloZX2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I own the vita and ps3 and honestly I don't care if the vita gets ports or new experiences. I just want games period. And if possible I want PS vita and PS3 users to be able to play online together. I mean if you really examine half of the 3DS' games they're either 3d ports or revamped versions of previous titles yet nobody complains about that. I mean I actually know people who shelled out $40 for star fox 64 3D. A great game but not worth anywhere near that much seeing as how you can get the same game dirt cheap via n64 or free for an emulator. Atleast with ps3 ports your getting higher quality for around the 10 bucks cheaper

I just hate how people honestly believe that PS vita exclusives alone are going to fix the vita's problems. Its not but having a huge selection of games, ports and exclusive is what's gonna help save it.

TheXtremePulse2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Maybe you didn't read my entire post. I never said it WAS a bad thing I was trying to make a discussion about it

Hicken2342d ago

What discussion is needed? It's a good thing. A great thing. What is there to discuss?

murkster-dubez2343d ago

Sony are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Provide cross platform support the trolls cry all the vita gets is ports. Don't provide cross platform the trolls then cry that the vita isnt getting a feature Sony advertised.

Nutsack2343d ago

Agreed with writer of the article.

Lets be fair now. The only really unique, exclusive to PSVita game that uses the device with all its tech is Escape Plan. Well there is little Deviants ofcourse, but that game sucks donkey balls.

Upcoming Gravity Rush is great too, but at the mean time, almost all games are ports or same IP kind of games that are on the big brother PS3.

Like the writer says. Those games aren't a bad thing at all. THey're great to have. BUT the PSVita will get more of an exclusive, own imago if stuff is pushed onto it like PSP had Patapon and Loco Roco for example.

PSVita needs a boost in that direction a lot, and not just a few games.

xursz2343d ago

Some people are too spoiled to even realize...

Nutsack2343d ago

PSVita's sales prove my point.

With the Japanese market leading here. Japanese want device specific games/content. They don't want a watered down version of Uncharted with some touch functions added.

World wide the sales of the PSVita are also well under 3DS, and in specific weeks under the PSP even. Part of it, is the price of PSVita, but thats not all.

USA had some bundles with free memcards and games. EU just got the WiFi Vita + Uncharted and a memcard for the normal price of 250.

Its not about spoiled, its about being real. Fanboys always want to defend because of the brand though.

BubloZX2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

@nutsack uhh Japan doesn't care if the game is device specific. They just want games that cater to their interest. The don't like COD and uncharted they want monster hunter and Mario. As long as they get what they like they don't care what console it comes out for. If the same exact monster hunter came out on ps3 and vita together guess what they'd do? They'd buy them both.

murkster-dubez2343d ago

could you please enlighten me on the 3ds unique experiences which are not severely watered down console games?

MasterCornholio2343d ago

They will just tell you that

1. Resident Evil Revelations
2. Mario Kart 7
3. Super Mario 3D land
4. Monster Hunter Tri G
5. Kid Icarus Uprising

Are experiences unique to the 3DS because of the 3D. According to many people 3D not only increases polygon count but it also completely changes the gameplay in a game.

I personally don't believe them because to me the only thing 3D does is add a visual gimmick to the 3DS. In my opinion having good controls does a lot more for the gameplay than 3D does which is where the Vita has the 3DS beat with its analog sticks and DPAD. Of course as I stated before this is just my opinion.


Optical_Matrix2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Well I can tell you now, while Resident Evil Revelations is the best game on the system, next to Mario 3D Land, and probably the best Resi game in years, it is precisely a watered down 'console experience'. I could make the same case for Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, and Monster Hunter Tri G which is a port of a Wii game anyway.

Kid Icarus is also severely crippled, control wise by the lack of dual analog. Ironically, Mario Kart 7, Monster Hunter Tri G and 3D Land are what caused the 3DS sales boom in Japan, and yet Ballsack, or whatever your name is, is trying to tell us Japan don't want watered down console experience?


May I also add, the only titles on 3DS that are shifting real numbers are Mario games and Monster Hunter in Japan. Even Kingdom Hearts DDD did poorly considering what went into marketing it etc. But I guess, when the sales argument isn't in your favour, it proves nothing? amirite?

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