Five Awesome Aspects of Torchlight 2

"DRM makes me sad. Very sad. Especially when it manifests itself as an unavoidable roadblock between me and my potential enjoyment of a game. Yes, I’m not so subtly referring to Diablo 3. Forcing me to be tied to Blizzard’s clearly unstable servers, even when I want to play single player, is a joke. Even worse are the new reports of item and account theft, showing that whatever is supposedly being accomplished by this draconian security measure, protecting the accounts of gamers surely isn’t it. Luckily for me and my soap box (It is a very nice soap box by the way), my dungeon crawling woes have been answered by the fine folks over at Runic Games, in the form of a weekend beta test for this summer’s upcoming Torchlight 2. After playing nonstop for several hours and sleeping in embarrassingly late, I’d like to take a moment to share with you all why this game is just so damn cool." -

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Moduserous2436d ago

By animal friends are they referring to bestiality?

tallkidoPL2436d ago

Game looks to be better than d3 and more like d2

Dylken2436d ago

I just posted this on another story, it's simply my own personal opinion:

I've had extensive beta access to Diablo 3 (prior to launch), path of exile, and torchlight 2. Having been a die hard Diablo 2 fan, it's my opinion that Torchlight 2 best fills the void that quitting diablo 2 left.

soundslike2436d ago

Error 37 is the best thing that could have happened for Runic Games.

JsonHenry2436d ago

Lol, this game has more options and more customization than Diablo 3.

I'm actually looking forward to this game more now that I have played through Diablo 3 and am less than underwhelmed with it.

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