Steam Midweek Madness (05/22/2012): Thief Series & Dead Island

Every week Steam puts a bunch of awesome games on sale for a limited time. This week steam is selling the entire Thief series and Dead Island for 50% – 60%.

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tallkidoPL2344d ago

Dead island is worth getting if you havent done so already!!

Ducky2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Not really.
A GOTY edition is planned, and it's probably best to just wait for that to release.
There's also the upcomming summer sale which'll likely see it at a lower price as well.

So it's probably better to skip the deal
... if you have the patience that is.

MagicAccent2344d ago

Screw Dead Island, get the Thief games! :D

Sargerus2344d ago

Steam, Y U NO release ARMA 2 Combined Operations with 50% discount? :(

MAJ0R2344d ago

Believe it or not Arma 2 hasn't really been on sale for a while. The last time was back in April 2011, and it was %60 off. The Arma X: Anniversary Edition has never been on sale.

Also Steam/Bohemia Interactive would be crazy to put it on sale going by the number of people are buying it regardless of price.

Laxman2343d ago

Haha, yeah im anxiously awaiting a Steam sale so I can get it to play the Day Z mod :D

Farsendor12343d ago

i love digital distribution and especially steam.