Download Size and Additional Details Shared for 'Uncharted' Digital Release

Today Sony Computer Entertainment revealed that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves ‘Game of the Year Edition’ will see release in digital form on the PlayStation Store starting on June 26th for an undetermined price – price will be announced in the near future.

Following the official announcement of the two titles coming to the PlayStation Store, additional details have surfaced this afternoon which touch on the file size for each title as well as whether or not existing save files will work with these digital offerings.

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ninjahunter2343d ago

20gb hmm? Interesting
*scribble write write scribble*

BitbyDeath2343d ago

Surprising how U2 isn't much larger than U1 considering the massive differences between each game.

xAlmostPro2343d ago

Better more efficient code, better file compression for audio etc. :)

As for 20gb, not bad if you have nice size hard drive. Best option would be buying fro disk though. Probably cheaper too

MrMister2343d ago

Just go to gamestop and get it used. You save memory on your harddrive, and save money too.

tigertron2343d ago

Buy the disc version. Its cheaper. You save HDD space...alot of space and you don't have to download it. Why anyone would download it is beyond me.

andron2343d ago

Yeah, I have it on disc already..

But seriously, this is the reason why an all digital future won't be a reality yet. File sizes will only increase with next gen around the corner.

I have most of my PS3 games on disc, but when my euro phat dies a couple of months ago it was a pain to wait hours to download patches and the PSN game I had bought. I can't imagine how bad it would have been if I had several 10 gig+ games to download too...