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American Chart for Week Ending 12th January 2008

VGChartz reports for the week ending January 12th, 2008, hardware sales in American region were as follows:

DS: 118,906 (-43%)
360: 80,467 (-23%)
PSP: 67,167 (-13%)
Wii: 65,691 (-65%)
PS2: 51,547 (-27%)
PS3: 49,633 (-28%)

Top 10 Software:

1. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) 71,416 2,355,449
2. Wii Sports (Wii) 65,691 8,707,287
3. Mario Party (DS) 62,222 590,702
4. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360) 51,496 2,080,245
5. Wii Play (Wii) 46,040 4,013,919
6. Rock Band (360) 39,230 713,397
7. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (360) 39,133 1,472,859
8. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (360)36,173 36,173
9. Assassins Creed (369) 34,212 1,518,144
10. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS2) 33,499 2,185,827

Software Totals:

360: 844,372
Wii: 689,141
DS: 625,669
PS2: 540,267
PS3: 341,338
PSP: 252,271

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"Assassins Creed 369"
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actionjackson4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

Are these numbers correct? Wii had a 65% drop?

bootsielon4698d ago

Remember Ninty was re-locating stock from Japan for the holiday season, but now that the holiday season is over, they don't need to, at least not as much, and now Japan is back on "normal" Wii levels again

consolewar4698d ago

Seriously guys let's grab a book and read it, even it's only a few pages. When we come back we can talk about what we read.

TheSadTruth4698d ago

2 million copies of Call of Duty 4 is amazing in my opinion

Anyone have the numbers on the PS3 and PC versions?

radzy4698d ago

i think kojima would be really scared now, seeing these numbers.
the god of war developer cory barlog said that metal gear 4 costed kojima $70 MILLION DOLLARS to make. he will never make money on mgs4 let alone recoup what it costed to develop it.
kojima has 2 options :
a)settle with a loss of about $40 million ,or

b)jump in ! and make some real money and stop sleeping in the same bed as sony.(your a bloody 3rd party developer , sony doesnt own you)

SlippyMadFrog4698d ago

Good point

If PS3 games don't start selling, why would developers want to release games on it? With the Xbox, you get a good return on investment. Lets just hope the PS3 2008 line up increases software sales otherwise Sony will soon only be left with first party developers

solidt124698d ago

Assassins Creed and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the PS3 are sitting right under 2 million worlwide. I wouldnt call that abysmall. If these games can do that in just 2 months what do you think Metal Gear 4 will do with even more systems out there in June. These two games are Multi-Platform and MGS4 is Exclusive so it will sell more. People will have to buy a PS3 to play it. Its a system seller unlike these two games. Not dissing just saying these games are multi-platform and one is new IP.

masterg4698d ago (Edited 4697d ago )


Have you heard that there is a magic world outside the US where games also sell. It turns out the US is not the only country in the world.
Some even say that PS3 titles are outselling the 360 titles in these magical lands. Who knew.

Lex Luthor4697d ago

You do realise Halo 3 has outsold both Uncharted and R&C in japan?
That's pretty much blasphemous, especially with the miniscule install base.

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BADBOYEK44698d ago

All the 360 needs is another price drop and AMERICA will be on lockdown.

ThaGeNeCySt4698d ago

maybe from the PS3 but... the Wii is just running away with it all.. Halo 3 dropped on the Wii and the Wii took that on the chin and kept coming... ALMOST outselling the 360 in September even with that surge of consoles sold.

CH-OutbreaK4698d ago

The world around you matters too. If the 360 continues getting smashed in the other parts of the world, it has no chance. In due time, Americans will realize that ps3 should have been their first choice. I am in now way bashing the console, but after scrutinizing every detail of what console deserved my money, I found no faults in the ps3. Not even the price could "ruin" it for me, because it has absolutely everything I want, and I feel that's what the European,and Asian markets also are realizing. Also, I live in Canada.

Genuine4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

The ps3 is already dead in the U.S. It turns out Americans didn't appreciate being called cheap, and treated as though they are stupid by a foreign company (sony). The ps3 was reported on by every national cable news channel. Guess what they called it? "A trojan horse...". Which it is.
A 360 price cut would singlehandedly retire the ps2 and finish burying the already dead ps3 in the U.S. Also, don't act as though the N.A. market doesn't matter all of the sudden. N.A. is easily the single largest console market on the planet.


actas1234698d ago

Is this what u really think? Man, u are brainwashed.. So u think Americans were deceived by sony because Sony included a free blue ray player in their gaming console! Remember, Its all agreed upon that PS3 is better than 360 and its the only true next gen console.. If you think about it, Americans were deceived by the 360 and they still are.. but thank God the 360 trend is going down, because americans starting to realize the truth..

bozobucketeer4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

Sorry but when I read "free blu-ray player" I actually laughed out loud. What part of the original 600 dollar price tag included the free blu-ray player. Lol. That's still funny. Also, if you think that there's only one next gen console, you are highly diluted. Finally, 360 trend going down in NA? Those numbers say the opposite. But seriously, free blu-ray...priceless.

Genuine4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

LMFAO, agreed on by whom? You and your misguided SPG/PSU cronies? Ahhahaha! And you said the ps3 came with a free blu-ray player! I guess that shiny plastic must be what added an extra $300 to the ps3's price. And your calling me brainwashed? Do yourself a favor and hang out in the PSU/SPG forums, were you can get all the false hope you need to justify your purchase of the blu-ray player masquerading as a game machine you bought.

LightningPS34698d ago

Your dreaming my friend. With the games PS3 has this year, all they need is to make sure PS3 and 360 cost the same, as in equal.

And you have nothing locked up.

IntelligentAj4698d ago

While I think a price drop will help the 360 against the PS3, saying it will bury the PS3 is a little extreme don't you think? Sony can just as easily drop the price of the PS3 if it really gets that bad.

Bombomb4697d ago

died laughing at that one too..Free "blu-ray player".

you sony goons..

Only in Europe is where it really matters. Japanese console does well at home, American console does well at home, when is Europe coming out with their console?

Cyrus3654697d ago

360 would be smart to wait till PS3 drops it's price. 360 is in the driver seat in America, why announce a price drop first, and allow Sony to a month later announce a price drop that "might" be larger than there, and then have msoft lose their price advantage.

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Cyrus3654698d ago

Good Debut by, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, coming at #8, selling just over 36 K.

Highest PS3 game is 14. Motorstom, selling almost 30K...non pack in game is: Call of Duty 4, at #31 selling 20 K. PS3 having troube selling games in US, but tends to sell well in Europe with relatively the same size base in each market.

BADBOYEK44698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

Man that is a shame UNREAL only sold 147,824 copies on the PS3. Some of you PS3 fans need to start buying games because this looks bad.

Cyrus3654697d ago

I agree, with all the mods that are available, and FREE the replayability, is off the charts.
This game deserves better, especially getting a pretty good review from most sites.

Naruto4698d ago

when did vgchartz became official

Cyrus3654698d ago

Who said it was official? It's just to give you an idea of what it'll be like. Nothing is 100%.

candystop4698d ago

I dont know but official or not the PS3 is just looking pathetic! Those numbers are scary and goes to show that 360 is by far the better console this generation to play games on!

Ureval4698d ago

Cyrus that sounds like denial to me. Buy more games.