The Top 5 Things Killing the Video Game Industry

From the feature editorial:

"The video game industry is definitely booming, with new games flourishing, especially applications, casual mobile games, and arcade-style gaming. But what happened to the hardcore console or PC video games—the ones we could sit down and play for hours? they are still around, and hopefully will be for some time to come, but from where I’m sitting the future isn’t so bright and for that reason I decided to look at some of the possible reasons. The simple answer is that politics and selfish greed are killing them off, but that’s not fun so below are the top 5 things killing the video game industry, in my opinion."

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LaurenKB1232341d ago

DRM and patents - if I could cuss here I would!

Pushagree2341d ago

Fuck. No problem there.

Also, Rockstar does DLC right. Everyone else does it WRONG.

Pushagree2341d ago

Valve never released the editing kit on consoles, so they are doing it wrong too.

J86blum2341d ago

Ubisoft does it right as well, you get a ton of free stuff right of the bat with Future Soldier, from pre-order, and U-Play.

Pandamobile2341d ago

Valve is the best example of doing DLC right. All 100% free.

T9002340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )


Its not Valves fault if console makers are restrictive and dont like it when free stuff comes to their hardware:

TF2 on PC has hundreds of maps for free.
Left4dead 2 on PC has all DLCs free.
Portal 2 on PC has thousands of user made maps.

Why this doesnt make it to consoles is because console makers rather want DLCs sold, its as simple as that. Its not just Valve that doesnt release editing kits for consoles, just about every other developer doesnt, hence if anything you should be questioning MS and Sony.

Imo Valve is probably the best developer in the business when it comes to being in favor of the gaming community. Dota 2 is probably one of the most anticipated games in the PC community, guess what Valve is going to release it for free.

xPhearR3dx2340d ago


Not at all. Ubisoft is already taking pre-orders on GRFS DLC. The game just came out and MP maps will be released within the next two weeks. Separating the online community shortly after launch is not a good idea.

Obviously those maps were done, or close to done when the game went gold. They should have released those for free, and made more as paid DLC.

badz1492340d ago

by free stuff you mean things they hold off to sell later to those not pre-ordering, right?

CommonSense2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

i'm not sure how rockstar does it differently than anyone else? did you see some of the DLC for RDR? it was basically nothing. undead nightmare excluded, obviously. that was awesome.

this list sucks. it puts everything on the companies and nothing on the consumer. if anything is killing the innovation in games, it's the consumer buying call of duty every year. if the money that one game makes was spent on 10 games that actually do something new or interesting, then companies that might be afraid to try something new would be more likely to take risks. but since COD takes a billion dollars out of the market every year, they don't.

the problem with gaming is just as much the consumer's fault as it is the companies that make the games.

how many of you bought diablo 3? that game makes you get online to play the single player. you should have all boycotted, but you didn't. you just expect these companies to do the right thing even when you ignorantly reward them when they don't.

thorstein2340d ago

What about Media Molecule? DLC for LittleBigPlanet has been perfect.

irepbtown2340d ago

The DLC for Bad Company were sweet.

So add Dice to that...

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ATi_Elite2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

1. Paid for review scores, Metacritic, and the people who think these things really matter. HA they don't. Good games are good games.

2. Consoles pretending to be consoles instead of just going the full fledge PC route. Sony/MS/Nintendo it's OVER! So i expect an OS, Native KB/m support, MMO's, RTS's, Mod support, Micro-transactions, and upgradability in those silly machines you make Next Gen!

3. Devs making Call of Duty and or World of Warcraft clones! Stop it! It will never work.

4. Multi-player modes duct taped, super glued, stapled, or J.B. Welded onto SP games.

5. Stupid DRM (Just go Internet always and get it over with)

6. People crying about Internet DRM. (I can't get away from the Internet so I don't know what planet you people live on cause the Internet is EVERYWHERE)!

7. DotA2 and Counter Strike GO not having release dates. ( Hurry up and come out already cause I need some Half Life 2 episode 2 info)

8. $15 DLC that's already on the $60 Disc you just bought

9. EA still having that stupid Exclusive NFLPA license

10. EA Origins and MS GFWL both being Un-Patriotic, Satanic, and proven to cause Gonorrhea.

11. People paying $$$$ to game online but they don't have Dedicated Servers or Admins to prevent cheating and provide a top quality gaming service.

Cablephish2341d ago

You say people may as well go the internet DRM way, and telling people to stop whining about it, but to me the idea of always being tethered to the internet just to prevent piracy is kind of unfair, and I wouldn't want it that way.

Ken222341d ago

8. $15 DLC that's already on the $60 Disc you just bought

I blame that on the COD community Activision tried it and it worked-_-.

swat_teem2341d ago

thats 11 not 5 :P got carried away?

Unlimax2340d ago

You defending for Activi$ion-Bli$$ard , Oh wow .. Those Companys did ruin our gaming industry with their games In every little thing !

krazeecain2340d ago

Absolutely agree with #2 %100. Consoles already are effectively computers anyways, might as well take them one step further...

Although I have an issue with games always being connected to the internet. What happens when their servers go down or are retired? Just kill off DRM period. It's blatantly obvious that it isn't working anyways.

EA just needs to disappear.

ravinash2340d ago

It's all fine using the online DRM internet until one day your internet has stopped working.
Either you ISP has gone down or you've moved house and won't have internet for 2 weeks.
See how you feel about it then.

Plus the game will just get hacked and people will be playing pirated versions it was all for nothing. Usual case of punishing the innocent while the guilty get away free.

DW742340d ago

I actually think it should go the other way. I think consoles should go back to being pure gaming machines, and therefore lowering the prices. I was totally content during the PS2 and Xbox era playing games on them, paying $50 for said games, and watching DVDs on their own player.

Gaming1012340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Call of Duty Clones? Battlefield 3 is a close to CoD as its ever been, and it sold several million copies, so clearly there is a market for other FPS's for people sick of CoD.

I don't really agree with DLC hate. A dev has to meet specific deadlines - you would know if you had a job doing anything under the thumb of a publisher. DLC is a good way to extend a game - it doesn't mean the original game is incomplete - you can always add more to a game no matter what it is, so being able to add doesn't mean the original was incomplete as that's always the case.

The point about DLC is simple economics - from the consumer's point of view we want everything to be free, or at least as cheap as possible. From a seller's point of view, they want to get the highest market price possible for something that people would be willing to pay for. There are cases where consumer loyalty is more important to the developer like in Valve's case with always releasing free DLC, but by and large companies are in it to make money, and as much that consumers would be willing to pay.
When you buy DLC - that's you saying you are willing to pay for it. If no one ever bought DLC devs would never release any, because there would be no money in it - the benefits of a few extra sales for people who all of a sudden thought the game was complete and would't buy it otherwise don't outweigh the development costs.

Oh yeah, and the author, this Sara person, started at 5, went to 4 then 3, then forgot she was going backwards and went back up to 4 then 5 at the end lol

M_Prime2340d ago

i dont know if this is a bad one.. but i think ALL GAMES GETTING RELEASED SEPTEMBER to NOVEMBER. so many good games get forgotten because a lot of people don't have the time and money to buy them all.

Bloodraid2340d ago

I take it you completely missed the point of consoles after reading that comment. Allowing users to touch the software of any console would kill the brand almost immediately.

Modifying Hardware - Components would be overpriced because a console isn't an open platform like a PC. This means that the company that owns the console would hold a monopoly on everything (Just look at the price of a controller). Also; depending on the extent of hardware modding, it would cause incompatibilities from machine to machine, which pretty much defeats the purpose of consoles in the first place.

Modifying Software - Allowing this to be open would open the floodgates to hacking online. This would require consoles to completely rework the way their servers operate, because there's currently no protection against anything of the sort (You even mentioned this yourself in point #11, did you put much thought into this?).

Basically, allowing users to touch the console in any way would complicate software development for that platform, which is really the only reason that people develop for consoles in the first place, seeing as they're nothing but crappy overpriced PCs anyway.

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morkendo232341d ago

they can get rid of ALL this mess by elimenating online gaming. no cheats,no piracy,no more DLC crap,
no more hackers,no more half-ass games.

CoolBeansRus2341d ago

Greed is killing the industry.
EA! and others companies.
These companies stop innovation and drain games with DLC. If the game actually sells well they make 40 more exactly alike every year.

Anon19742341d ago

I think gamers are hurting the industry.

When you look at people losing their minds due to Mass Effect 3's ending (I think people have every right to complain. Death threats and BS FTC complaints are taking it too far) or the outcry when Diablo 3 was too "colorful", gamers are going beyond simply having their voices heard and are acting like children having a tantrum. It makes all gamers look bad.

And the behaviour online is appalling. There was a study done recently that found 66% of high school students across the US were turning away from traditional games and oddly - 66% said they were likely to be playing social games on their phones or facebook. I think the toxic disinhibition that's crept into online gaming and gaming forums and now is a permanent fixture is turning off a helluva lot of gamers. There's no one that can say that at some point or another, some asshole hasn't sullied a game they were playing online.

Gaming forums are exactly the same. Rather than being a safe place that gamers can talk about their hobby, the anonymity of the net brings out the worst in people usually making any type of decent conversation impossible. Certainly gaming isn't the only medium that's fallen victim to this, but as we're all rather a wired bunch it certainly has a negative impact. There's just no social repercussions in online interactions for anti-social behaviour and I think it drags the entire medium down a couple of pegs.

Either networks need to get rid of the online anonymity that so many hide behind, or they need to make some mechanism like an online kick vote mandatory for all online games so gamers can finally put those who ruin it for everyone back under their bridges.

Prototype2340d ago

I agree 100%. Too much whining and nit picking and not enough common sense.

I'll be damned to play a "casual" game; I want something that's going to be days to complete, if not weeks, not some 20 min game on a phone.

Gaming forums gone from "hey we like X game, lets exchange names and play sometime" to "oh my god, X console is so much better than Y and Z for -insert overused reason here-." That's a big reason why I'm not on this site as much anymore, way too much fanboyism.

Some games I've ran across do have some voting system (Socom Confrontation is a big example) where if people aren't playing correctly you can vote them out. As far as universal boot system I'm sure something is in the works but it needs to be regulated so legit players don't get kicked because of some jealous f-ck who wants a high k/d ratio.

AlienLion2340d ago

Top thing killing your site: 1) one paragraph a page.

humbleopinion2340d ago

Top 1 things killing video game journalism:
#1 stupid top lists with multiple pages to scroll through.

knifefight2340d ago

I said that once abaout some website's "top 10 ____" feature which was 11 pages long, even though each page was just a three-sentence paragraph. I got an angry PM from the admin of the site asking me "Did you notice how most pages include a YOUTUBE VIDEO!?!?!?!"

I laughed and laughed, so hard. The was strong.

Drazz2340d ago


miyamoto2340d ago

Media sensationalism is killing the industry too

otherZinc2340d ago

Top 5 Killing Games:

1. Scripted play

2. Side mission co-op

3. Movie games: Long ass cutscenes

4. Low RAM: forcing games to take away 12 player co-op through an enormous field being reduced to 4 player co-op through a narrow-ass environment: Ghost Recon:FS.

5. Respawning enemies.

Honorable mention:
6. EA making the same damn Madden game with no field enhancements that was done with M$'s NFL Fever. Madden is a better game but the environment of precipitation & other things much better on Fever & EA has yet to add these things to Madden.

Bleucrunch2340d ago

@ Commonsense....couldn't have said it better myself...but I would give a couple of point of hate towards companies but that is just me who hates of lot of these gaming companies nowadays so I am a little biased towards them.

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OneAboveAll2341d ago

DRM has never caused me any grief at all. So... not going to complain about it. My complaint is selling DLC that's already on the damn disc.

OneAboveAll2340d ago

I use Xbox Live on a daily basis so GFWL isn't really an issue. I like it.

*sips coffee*

FinaLXiii2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

I think DRM is actually a reason to resort to piracy instead than avoiding it because many people use laptops nowadays for gaming as well and if you cant play a dam videogame with a stable internet conection youre screwed.

The DLC issue never was a big concern for me because i only get DLC that pays off like Red Dead Redemption´s Undead Nightmare for example.

And the oversaturation isnt a problem at all because people arent obligated to buy what´s popular but many buy it anyways.