BootHammer: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode II Review

After twenty years in action, it’s clear that Sonic hasn’t slowed down a bit. The first entry in the Sonic 4 saga was a major success. Sega said they have listened to the fans feedback and have been hard at work making sure they recapture that same spirit of fun in Episode II.

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TrendyGamers2341d ago

You liked it just a bit more than I did.

MySwordIsHeavenly2341d ago

Agree and bubble for the avatar.

BootHammer2341d ago

I really found it to be a great throwback to classic Sonic. I'm hoping Sega goes for a Episode III in the near future.

ShinraE52341d ago

I agree. Although the boss fights near the end can be a bit tedious, the level designs are great and overall its a very fun Sonic game. Definitly worth the 15.00