Lost Odyssey Downgraded - MS withholds content from those who refuse to pre-order

From Gameplayer... "Microsoft has created an added incentive to pre-order Lost Odyssey: if you don't pre-order, you don't get the full game."

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beoulve4670d ago

this is not incentive. This is threatening already.

chanto234670d ago

LOL...yes it is...sad but true

solidt124670d ago

Agreed. That is a terrible way of doing business. I hope this isn't true because they are just oing to pi$$ off potential buyers.

Zuhk4670d ago

Just don't fight it and preorder so we can help MS take over as the one and only console giant that it is quickly becoming! All hail Microsoft!

n_n4670d ago

i don't know about you, but i only had xbox 1 last gen and when MS dropped us like a piece of sh*t it made me think twice to buy their product again.. and this news just makes me want to rush out and get that 360 /sarcasm

4670d ago
beoulve4670d ago

Oohh let me put the option

1. Upgrade to superior system
2. Continue to play only old games.
3. Stop playing games.

LOL Zhuk is officially Microsoft Missionary. It's more than a salesman because everything Microsoft did is GOD like action.

Legionaire20054670d ago

here is a link:

Final Fantasy 13 Will blow the water out of this game any day nuff said.

AzaziL4670d ago

This is more like shooting yourself in the foot before you even get into the fight, even if this game were to have high scores, people would still avoid it knowing that if they didn't intend on getting it before, they'll never be able to play the full game. Idiots.

Chubear4670d ago

Dude, this is their fanbase and they know them well. They'll only say things they know will work on them. They're a different type of demographic cause that crap would not fly at all if used on the PS fanbase - AT ALL.

ravinash4670d ago

Zuhk - They screw you over and you thank them for it.

This is incredible, who the hell at MS thought this was a good idea.
Forcing people to preorder the game by threatening with withhold part of the story is not customer service.
I wasn't even going to get this game, but this make me mad!

mikeslemonade4670d ago

They do this because they know the blind xflops would buy anything. Just look at the attach ratio.

lawman11084670d ago

This being a Pro Sony site we all know the score. " two slivers of in-game content"

A SLIVER is not the whole game. Flame bait at best, get a life.

jams_shop4670d ago

If gaming becames a religion Zuhk will be the antichrist

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davez824670d ago

wow, either preorder the game or just don't bother getting it, this really isn't a good move.

ELite_Ghost4670d ago

you get half the game!! jk lol

Chubear4670d ago

I don't understand the beweilderment. This isn't like it's the first time they've done something like this. I mean, it's their business module.

I can't remember the exact game but they'd said if you don't purchase it's 1st installment then you can't DL certain things for the game. I mean, that's jsut how MS roll and their fanbase are fine with that so let them be.

ravinash4670d ago

I may not be an MS fan, but I do have an Xbox 360 and I should have to right to buy the game, in full, when I want!
paying for optional extras is one thing, but cutting part of the story out is something else. if they did something like give an odd-on as an incentive then I'd see this thing differently, but I can't get over the stunt that they are pulling here.

MrWonderful4670d ago

im going to call bs on this one

consolewar4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

a very, very slow month.
Oh well.

AAACE54670d ago

Didn't mean to butt in on your post, but I have to say something!

This is all just a way to try to boost sales for the game. This content will be available on XBL shortly afterwords. They are just using this to try to get more people to buy it on day one!

You will still get a good game, but the content they are referring to is more like the GTA 4 DLC in my opinion!

This won't bother alot of gamers, because they may never learn of this incident. It only affects us gamers with nothing to do but read BS information to form an opinion on something we have no control over!

I preordered it 2 days ago, so I didn't know about this. But when it's time to pick it up, if I don't like what I see, or the reviews I read, I will just switch it over to something else!

It's just a game... no need to treat it as much more than that! It's just entertainment to enjoy, until something new comes out!

mintaro4670d ago

heh, not exactly MS smartest move now is it?

AllroundGamer4670d ago

we will see about that, the full game will definitely appear on torrent sites, so up yours MS! :p