Want to know how Max Payne 3 will run on your Nvidia GPU? Official Nvidia Benchmark Chart Released

DSOGaming writes: "The PC version of Max Payne 3 will be released in a couple of days and most of you are wondering how this bad boy will run on your machine, right? Well, time to find out. Rockstar and Nvidia have released the official benchmark chart for Max Payne 3 that can be viewed below."

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Snookies122436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Thinking about getting a GTX 560 TI SLI... Seems to be a reasonably priced card with some awesome results. Not like I need to run Max Payne 3 at 100+ FPS lol! Around 60 will do just fine.

KillerPwned2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I have this card and it does me wonders! Maxes out every game I have thrown at it so far.

On the side this is really nice to know ahead of time.

Edit: Well if you are in the market anytime soon and are looking for a great card at a great price I would highly recommend this card. It also has MSI's new Twin Frozer III cooling. Beware this card is damn huge!

Snookies122436d ago

Argh, if only I had the money for it right now! Lol, yeah though it seems like the best card for the money for sure. At least for right now, the 680 series is just overboard. XD

Waddy1012436d ago

I have the Twin Frozr III and it's not that big, well compared to some AMD cards anyway.
There's only a few games i can't max out on it, mainly newer games developed using AMD's technologies or things like BF3 and Batman:Arkham City.

ATi_Elite2436d ago

GTX 560 ti SLi is the best bang for buck you can get.

Most games i play are at 5760 x 1080p (3 screens) MAX settings 4xMSAA 8xAF 60 FPS (40 FPS in 3D) with Physx ON!

$500 for this enthusiast level of performance. (Cheaper now)

farhad2k82436d ago

EVGA GTX 570 seems to be doing the job for me right now. Maxes out every game I throw at it, way way beyond 60 FPS+.

Can't wait for Max Payne 3 on the PC.

Pain_Killer2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Hi! Hope you're doing well. :)

The 560Ti HAWK killerpwned has recommended you is indeed a great card, im using the same card and it can play every game at 1080P well.

The 560Ti SLI would be a killer setup though for some reasons i won't advice you to get it.

Why you ask? There's a better option! The price you pay for two 560Ti's is around $400-$500 (Not bad considering the performance you get) but opting for a single non-reference GTX 670 is ideally a better option.

There are a few reasons for that.

First of all are SLI profiles and related issues. Although NVIDIA has great drivers but SLI can still get you some issues in a certain titles.

Also a major issue im facing right now with my 560Ti is the lack of VRAM. It comes with 1GB video memory which is utilized at top by many titles at 1920x1080 resolution, e.g Batman:AC, Battlefield 3, Modded Skyrim etc.

Also the total power consumption of SLI'd 560Ti's is well over 300W while a single 670 has a TDP of 175W, performance of a non-reference is on-par or greater than the GTX 680.

Hope my advice helps you while buying hardware. :)

forcefullpower2436d ago

Just upgrading from a SLI GTX 275 setup. With the Zotec 670 Amp addition.

Depends on how much money you want to spend i suppose.

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KonaBro2436d ago

I knew getting a GTX 560 Ti would pay off when I built my rig.

mep692436d ago

They never show 590's in these things :/
Not like i'd need to worry, just nice to see

VanguardOfCalamity2436d ago

looks like its almost time to get a second 570 <almost>

chaldo2436d ago

Kinda mad that they pushed the date back to June 1st. http://www.computerandvideo...

john22436d ago

It's still May 31st for those in America. But yeah, it sucks when PC games get delayed for no apparent reason :/

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