EndWar's Voice Recognition Gameplay Tested

Gameplayer has gone live with an exclusive look at Tom Clancy and Ubisoft's upcoming RTS EndWar following a trip to the company's Shanghai studio. It goes into detail on how the key voice recognition feature works and the gameplay experience.

"Calling all gunships, attack hostile three." It's as simple as that. Each unit, yours and the enemy's, is assigned a number automatically. The strategic points on each map all have letters, referred to by their cool radio call signs. "Red group, secure point Foxtrot." More specific movement orders can be given by pointing the sights at a given bit of terrain, and rounding out the orders with "…move to crosshair."

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Blackmoses4666d ago

Ahhh that's right.....SOCOM!!!!!!

SlappingOysters4666d ago

That was the first game I thought of to, but it has been a while since I played a SOCOM game and from memory, it wasn't particularly functional. I remember saying basic three word orders and constantly getting the wrong result.

For ordering full armies around, the voice recon is going to have to be ace.... sounds like it is.

WilliamRLBaker4666d ago

Black hawk down used it.

there have been a few games that used it before socom....

toughNAME4666d ago

with all the different headsets PS3 owners use...I wonder if the PS3 version would be affected by this

mintaro4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

woah, easy there, no need to get snippy

Panthers4665d ago

This is a legitimate question. Some headsets work better than others. Most seem to work great, but some cause terrible feedback. Those that have crappy ones will just need to get a better headset. Since this games is the way it is, it should offer a package with a headset.

bootsielon4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

How affected will be the game when your 360 gets another RROD? Will you be able to imaginarily continue playing? Better ask the developers if the shock will or won't be that big.


You're such a crybaby, always taking bubbles from the rest. The same should be done to you, for a change.

Edit 2:

Why all the disagrees? I'm replying to toughNAME's stupid comments, he should be the one whose bubbles are taken from since he always makes inflammatory comments. I was simply giving him a spoon of his own soup, yet he thinks my bubbles should be taken. Suddenly I burst a few Xbots veins even though they didn't stop to see why I made the comment. You're unbelievable, Xbots.

toughNAME4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Who knows what my imagination will be doing in the future

But in reality I will be taking your bubbles, and strongly suggesting others do the same

Lord Cheese4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

why, pray tell, is anyone that disagrees with you, dubbed an xbot? This is why i stuck you on ignore the very first post i read from you. You constantly spout crap and expect everyone will back you up because of some sort of sony fanboy solidarity.

Give it a rest and stop being a fanboy d!ck. If were a proper gamer at all you'd be concerned with the games, not making dull targetted attacks at 360 owners.

Shroomy4666d ago

Shut up, seriously that's an old issue now, old like how Sony had to puncture your PS3 with more air holes because the ones displayed in advance at retail OVERHEATED, OH BLASPHEMY A PS3 OVERHEATING WE NEVER HEARD THAT's because 360 owners aren't sad using some old fault a thousand times over, like you for example.


The "future" has a lot of morons it seems.

bootsielon4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

People are still reporting it, the fact that you don't hear about it anymore means that people are just used to. I'm in my fourth Xbox already, and if you don't believe me, look at my gamertag; I would have more achievements had it not crapped out on me a MONTH after I got it. Now I use it mainly as a dust collector, although it seems that with all the heat it packs and the wind it expells, it doesn't even work for that; hell, not even as a paperweight.

BTW, I'm glad you're so sensitive, look at the way you reacted. That definitely deserves to be LOL'd at. It seems that the "present" holds more "morons" than the "future" after all.


PS3 is still compatible with more games of its premium quality legacy than Xbox 360 with its original Xbox's mediocre legacy. PS3 is compatible with ALL PSOne games, which are better than anything available on both Xbox and Xbox 360.

Furthermore, all PS3s can play all PS3 games. I can't say the same for the Arcade or Core 360s. I can't say that Premium and Core 360 will display an image as good as the Elite does. What will happen with the Ultimate? Aside from PS2 Backwards Compatibility, which would be updated had everyone not had a PS2 already (and anyone that wanted 100% BC got it already, at launch), every PS3 can play every PS3 game. Even more, you can add any HDD you want on PS3, something I can't say for your favorite console, Xbot.

Shroomy4666d ago

Try buying a newer manufactured one with the Falcon chipset, and don't even bring up a silly argument *LOL EXTINCT XBOX'S* when Sony release new PS3's with some upgrades, some downgrades *backwards compatability or lack of for that matter.*

I'm hardly in tears over it, if I was it would be in laughter, cause I'm a "moron" according to you... yay!

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