Over 3 Million Copies of Max Payne 3 Sold Since Launch

DualShock Nexus: Take-Two Interactive recently revealed the first week sales data for Max Payne 3.

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JellyJelly2436d ago

Well deserved. With Rockstar games you always know you'll get much bang for the buck. One of the best single player experiences this gen and awesome multiplayer to boot.

WillGuitarGuy2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I haven't heard that many great things about its multiplayer. Though I have heard that the bullet time was implemented well and the multiplayer is decent.

Trenta272436d ago

It needs some work, but it is otherwise very good. The story affecting the way the online maps/modes play out is a great feature. More games definitely need to implement something of the sort.

finbars752436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

The game is so crafty and the bullet time is just right.Im not a fan of the MP just not a big fan of 3rd person mp thats all but the SP is a gem.Dark,Gritty great voice acting and by far the best soundtrack in a game that I have ever heard.The Sp is worth the $60 to me.Just cant get enough it.I wouldnt pass this game up at all its worth the buy.

chaldo2436d ago

I heard from every video i watched on youtube that its good :) Just some bugs that need to be fixed.

F7U122436d ago

I'm proud to say that I did not contribute to those numbers.

Spydiggity2435d ago

yeah? well you're missing out on one of the best third person shooters ever made.

but i suppose some idiots get some sort of satisfaction out of being a contrarian.

BlackTar1872435d ago

F7U liked max payne before he was cool.

original max payne hipster. He really liked part 1 and 2 but you probably never heard of them.

When Max payne is no longer popular he will get it and play and tell everyone who already played and beat it how awesome it is now more then ever.

BlackTar1872435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I responded to your PM to but i thought i would put it here as well.

Well Played LOL your a good sport.

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kevnb2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Well not always, but usually when rockstar north develops the game themselves its good. Some of the other branches of rockstar are mediocre. I'm glad rockstar north did the PC version and didn't just hand it to one of the mediocre studios, can't wait to see what they can do... Its been way too long.

kingdavid2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I cant think of other branches?

Warriors, red dead, bully, midnight club are all stellar games not made by R* north.

Id consider manhunt as their only "mediocre" franchise and i'm pretty sure North has handled most of its development..

BlackTar1872435d ago

Manhunt is an awesome game picked and prodded by the censors which changed the product. Manhunt 1 was spectacular . Manhunt 2 after it was picked away to get a 17 rating was unfortunately not as good.

Cash the Clown is king though

all MO of course

Disccordia2435d ago

Rockstar North didn't do Mac Payne 3

pr0digyZA2435d ago

Rockstar Vancouver was the main developer(the other rockstar studios include New England,London,Toronto)- Rockstar north has nothing to do with this game, they are working on GTA 5 (and agent).

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DA_SHREDDER2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Well deserved, but there are games out there that deserve that and more. Redbox it cause it doesn't have online pass, totally worth it.

And yes, the game is gorgeous, like Uncharted.

Crazyglues2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Oh yeah the game is Awesome, like anything it has a few problems, Nothing serious, really minor and overall it's amazing... Rockstar just shows that they are building on everything they have learned before..

-and doing an amazing job at it, 3 million is nice and well deserved, some of the boards are designed so well, everything just looks really good, you could say it's a nice early look at what you can expect to see in GTA V -well designed inside area's and really nice graphics, as the detail is crazy, and the boards are really well done, just looks really good..

That part when your on the boat, I remember thinking dam this is done so well just looks amazing.. Little advice don't put the brightness too low leave it a little brighter then recommend as it actually looks better when it's a little brighter... guess it depends on your TV or HD monitor but the detail in the game is there... trust me, and it looks amazing.


TruthSeeker2436d ago

@Finbars i respectfully disagree about the soundtrack being that good. Its good , but have you heard Journey? Its score is pure beautiful!

princejb1342436d ago

next to activation, rockstar games gets a lot of money from their franchises

Nimblest-Assassin2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

At first I thought the mp was iffy, but it really kicked into high gear. Awesome story, and its one of the few games that you want to replay.

Kudos Rockstar

Maddens Raiders2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I've been watching a friend play through it after copping it from Gamefly. Story seems legit. In some parts of this game, I've seen graphics as good on the PS2. Believe.

showtimefolks2435d ago

i was only interested in single player and i like it for me it was a 8/10. From what i understand MP is very good just a bit slow progression.

its a RS game so you it will do between 5-10 million

F7U12: I rented it and beat it in one sitting. I think with so many games we all have to smart where we spend the money.

And someone said the best story this gen IMO that still belongs to RDR and MGS4

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VanguardOfCalamity2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

<checks calendar> Dang...still not May 29th - WTF does every day have 24 hours?

(edit) or is it June 1st now? mmm double dang

khawaja072436d ago

@Kevnb You pretty sure that Rockstar North did the PC version ?

kevnb2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

My bad, looks like it was done by about 4 different teams for all platforms at once. Just checked wiki.

KillerPwned2436d ago

Awesome! I cant wait to get my PC copy!

GamerzElite2436d ago

What kind of crap patch they released yesterday.. after install the patch 1.02 Max Payne 3 multiplayer became unplayable. I spend all the to play a decent game but I game screen freezes on matchmaking, between game I found I am single player who is running in map, Unable to join friebd's party, Console hang and shut down atomatically.... Plz Rockstar do something otherwise you loose player everyday. i found MW3's Lag is far better than this...

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