Blizzard: Diablo III Accounts Were Hacked Through Traditional Means, Attacks Were Orchestrated

GR: "The hacking attacks on Diablo III accounts were phished or social engineered out of the hands of users rather than through any breach in Blizzard's account system. After acquiring the login details, the attacks were orchestrated to happen all at once."

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Batmau52344d ago

Glad I got my authenticator. I know it doesn't make me immune to these attacks, but I can sleep a little easier now.

h311rais3r2344d ago

Don't know why anyone is disagreeing with that. It's smart to have one. And to those saying blizzard should have better security...hackers will always find a way

killerhog2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Doesnt explain why people with authenticators are also getting hacked. Which would suggest the "better security" statements.

frozengame2344d ago

It would be nice if these companies would get like 10 steps ahead of the hackers.

kevnb2344d ago

How? Users aren't keeping themselves secure when the fall victim to phishing and/or keylogging.
I called it in other threads, and this is why the authenticators work... It removes most the threat on the users computer.

AzaziL2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

If facebook can tell if your logging in from a different computers, why can't they do the same with games.

Dlacy13g2344d ago

Agreed 100% BUT... I am sure such a measure wouldn't go over well with the PC gaming community. Any kind of control method would be met with pretty aggressive resistance. I mean look at how most react to any kind of DRM?

Saryk2344d ago

I was pissed when Steam done the DRM measure if the account moves. But now I am glad they did since my account is close to 4k.

dktxx22344d ago

PC gamers bought D3, so I don't think they have as much of a problem with DRM as you'd think.

vortis2344d ago

Steam already has this feature and it's not met with aggressive resistance.


badz1492344d ago

true that! Diablo 3 already uses the always online DRM thus players might have been over DRM already! but with the DRM, accounts still got hacked which is pretty unacceptable IMO!

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kevnb2344d ago

I log into Facebook using proxies and although I'm sure they can tell they don't care. Although I suppose they could blacklist certain ips.

kostchtchie_2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

that is weird blizzard from what i hear people were hacked through stealing your session, ID from public games, meaning people were hacked through your ONLINE SERVER

and people have been hacked with authenticators, just stay away from public games, even then people have had hackers coming into there private games

FinaLXiii2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

This is what you get to play a singleplayer game online - DRM providing safety lol...

badz1492344d ago

they use DRM to counter pirates but they forgot to block the gates for hackers! clearly shows they only care about your money but not your safety!