IGN- PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Lacks Punch?

IGN- Colin loves what he's seen from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but Greg just played it and isn't sold.

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OllieBoy2367d ago

Doesn't he realize that's just 1 of the game mode types?

Gotta love the attention-grabbing headline.

user54670072367d ago

I wouldn't mind if this was after E3 where we know pretty much everything about the game but come on's one mode with only 6 characters

Army_of_Darkness2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

None stop punching, kicking, firing and throwing does nothing to your opponent?! the only way to win is to beat them with a special level attack after gaining enough Ap points?!... well, I just hope they have a standard knock out mode as well...

NewMonday2367d ago

special attack kills are a good thing, this game should be about easy fun, not KoFXXII or Super Ultra Turbo SF4.2

MaxXAttaxX2367d ago

It's like DBZ. Regular attacks don't do anything, only special moves.
Which is kinda cool.

I don't mind it. You still have an incentive to beat up your opponent, not to decrease his health but to increase your super meter to knock him out.

Disccordia2367d ago

I assume they have a certain number of lives and you can knock them out the arena much like smash bros.

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GraveLord2367d ago

Yup. I'm sure there will be custom game types, and pre-set ones for us to have fun with.

showtimefolks2366d ago

I want to know more and hopefully at E3 we will find out a ton more, but if this game needs more time sony and SM studios should give the devs more time. Look at other fighting games and come up with a really strong fighting system that feels right

I think at E3 it will be play-able so sony will see what kind of reaction it gets and goes from there

Nitrowolf22367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

That's what I'm a bit worried about.
The game looks awesome, but the one thing that bothers me a bit is that when you do attacks there's no damage dealt.
Attacking seems to only fill your gauge up for the special attack. I know they are trying to be a bit different than smash bros.

Still prob. will end up buying just cause I always wanted a Sony title like this. I'm hoping there are other modes that have damage and other ways to kill rather than with a super.

user54670072367d ago

"Attacking seems to only fill your gauge up for the special attack. I know they are trying to be a bit different than smash bros"

If they did that then I think they would kill the game

I don't see the point of doing a game like this and only letting us deal damage with special attacks. You would basicaly pick the character who has the better special.

joeorc2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

in DBZ nail could hit Frieza all day as he was at a Certain power level on a certain point the damage would be zero because Frieza could soak all the damage and the result would be bruised hands for Nail, but with accumulated study of weak point's, and building up more power and a combine merger Nail was able to crack that defense where the damage may be zero, but the power would increase over the combat because Nail is conserving power and waiting until he can get to a power level that Frieza could not soak such an attack.

remember attacking an landing those hit's is important, they will be doing the same to you, if you can land more hit's, and knock back throws them out of melee combat so you would have to use range attacks, which can be dodged!!

grailly2367d ago

I don't know why you chose to reference the least known dbz character, but I do appreciate the best namek ever getting some recognition :)

Dispy2366d ago

and people did, Parappa's first ulti was over-powered (atleast last time it was showcased) can't remember from where but the journalist who played said that in a tournament that was hold at the convensition where battle royal was revealed 4 out of 5 of the finalists where Parappa's because his tier 1 special is a controlable skateboard that was kinda easy to ocntrol and you could easy get 2 knockouts with a level 1 ulti, where a lot of the other tier 1's were hard as hell to kill anything with.

Nimblest-Assassin2367d ago

I also want a Sony related fighter after brawl... but I am worried. The reason I love SSB is because of the tension it offers... the fact you need to work for your KO's, and the fact you can survive and stay alive to get back in the game really adds to the fun factor.

But here, its just if you land a special its done... gg. I hope they can add some form of tension between players, so it can capture the chaotic nature of games like brawl.

Im definatley keeping my eye on this, as it has the possibility of an incredible roster.. I just hope they can really have that tension I loved in SSB

Fylus2367d ago

I agree. I mean, honestly, my favorite mode to play in both Melee and Brawl is Stamina Mode. I really hope PSASBR has something like that.

Hicken2367d ago

The tension is in building up TO that special. You have to work for it JUST LIKE you have to work for your KO's: you might luck up and knock someone off a stage, but most of the time it's tough to stay on once you've taken a certain amount of damage.

In this case, the trick is to hit and not BE hit. You wanna land more blows than your opponents, faster than your opponents, so you can get your special first. And if you DON'T get yours first, you better hope you can get out of the way.

It's not exactly the same, but the "tension" is still there.

sjaakiejj2367d ago

I play SSB because it allows me to set my intelligence to zero with a couple of friends or family, and falcon punch the crap out of people, laughing like a maniac whilst doing so.

andibandit2367d ago

I think it sounds like an innovating feature.

Saladfax2367d ago

It sounds like a limiting feature.

ronin4life2366d ago

Maybe, back when that billy and mandy game did it first.

princejb1342367d ago

i feel you greg
i was very excited for this game since I'm a huge smash brothers fan
but this building up special thing gotta go
I'm hoping for a lot more game modes

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Emilio_Estevez2367d ago

Video is not as bad as the title would suggest. His concerns are similar to what others have said, not sure how I feel about it though.

Cyrisaurus2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )


He enjoys punching people and watching their bar go down, but it infuriates him when you punch someone and your bar goes up. Right.

I think he's over reacting. Plus, the devs have said there are other ways of getting KO's.

TheLyonKing2367d ago

How he was quick to jump on the bandwagon of hate considering he played one mode.

Thats like me hating the internet cause of one website.

house2367d ago

what do you expect Greg miller and co. is well known for hating on PlayStation in general when ever he gets the chance

Convas2367d ago

Are you KIDDING me? Greg Miller is one of the biggest Playstation fanboys on IGN.

Good grief. Do some research.

Fylus2367d ago

Yeah seriously. I mean, if you were to ask Greg what his favorite current gen game is, I'd bet you anything that he'd say Infamous for PS3. Seriously... Like Convas said, do some research.

Afterlife2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

I believe his favorite game is Infamous followed by Uncharted. So no, your wrong. He's just giving his honest opinion. Even if it's only a knee jerk reaction.

perfectCarbonara2367d ago

If I know one thing it is that Greg Miller is one of the biggest Playstation supporters around.

strifeblade2366d ago

are you missing a chromosome in your dna or something?

Greg loves playstation- everything he reviews is compared to uncharted.

go do some research

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