DMC: Devil May Cry Heads West

EDGE- The news that Ninja Theory was handling the development of DMC: Devil May Cry was met with fan responses ranging from consternation to outrage. Hideki Kamiya’s finger-twisting series defined the modern Japanese action game, even if Bayonetta did steal its crown. The idea that a British studio can maintain, let alone better, its quality has been called into question, especially by those who claim Ninja Theory’s games prize presentation over combo-juggling substance.

So it’s a relief to find the DMC DNA intact. Anti-hero Dante may have a fresher, more scowling face than in his previous outings, but he is all weighty maturity in the hands. We’d advise cautious optimism, then, for a series that has been uneven since its creator left Capcom. Ninja Theory appears to have brought technical class and a focused artistic direction to a world that has often lacked coherence and consistency. But the question about whether it upholds its mechanical sophistication in the long term remains.

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princejb1342342d ago

i don't care if they reboot it
but they should have rebooted it with dante not some punk emo looking guy
a good example is tomb raider
they rebooted it but they kept lara croft with a slightly different look

Elda2342d ago

This DMC is looking more & more interesting,I can't wait to play because the last DMC was boring & I'm glad they decided to put a fresh coat of paint on the series. Playing DMC HD now.

Elda2341d ago

I guess all the disagrees are from people that don't like change & still stuck in a rut,get over it Capcom is going in a new direction with DMC......thank God!!!

Summons752341d ago

Not that it needs a new direction, this new POS looks nothing like Devil May Cry. Slow combat, Completely destroyed Dante's looks as well as his personality. All the backstory that was set up was completely ignored and what the hell dose he have an angel mode for? Dante is half Demon half human. Ninja theory has no credibility all their previous games were TERRIBLE and they have insulted fans and the creator of the Devil May Cry. If you did not like DMC before then you shouldn't have played. They made a slow rip off of DMC it's called god of war so go play that.