Black Ops 2 Multiplayer: Type 95, Perks, Killstreaks - What The Campaign Suggests

Treyarch demo'd two full campaign missions of Black Ops 2 last week in the States. NowGamer was there to see it all and speak with Treyarch about how it relates to multiplayer. Full quotes and details here.

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2338d ago
fastrez2338d ago

Wonder how 4v4 zombies would work? Left 4 Dead scavenger style perhaps?

DJLB21152338d ago

if they do that i just hope they dont leave the old school style of zombies in the dust. they should just release a whole spin off game about zombies if theyre gonna go this far w it. How about after u reach a certain level, both squads team up to take on the seemingly never ending wave of zombies ?