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GamingUnion: "The same can be said for the buildings. Almost nobody ever builds Razorbacks, and the majority of people just push for Ox Tanks, Shield Generators and Beam Turrets. Hawks then come in a little bit later, but if you've got a Shield Generator with a good supply of Beam Turrets and Ox Tanks, you've got a solid footing."

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Hardedge2436d ago

Still unsure of dropping 60 bucks for this game.

guitarded772436d ago

Depends on if you really like the online. If you played in the beta, you got a taste of what the game is all about. It's much different than Warhawk. If you do pay full price, buy it from GameStop. They have the Limited Edition with lots of free stuff. But like I said, unless you plan on playing online a lot, you may hold off for a price drop. I don't see the online community going anywhere, so if you wait a few months for a price drop, there will still be plenty of people playing, and Starhawk does not punish noobs like other shooters where you unlock weapons at you progress. The campaign is a story tacked onto training for online, so don't pay full price for the campaign, you'll be pissed.

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