LEGO Batman 2 Brings 500 Square Miles of Open Gotham City Goodness

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes is set to bring a 500 square mile open world Gotham City to fans of the LEGO game franchise. That’s a lot of bricks!

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Pintheshadows2344d ago

That sounds fantastic, although I wish they'd change the name to Lego Justice League or Lego DC Superheroes.

Dovahkiin2344d ago

Lego DC Superheroes sounds great, but then i guess the children whom see the game as BATMAAAN, undoubtedly would disagree.

marioPSUC2344d ago

Wow this actually looks really neat, always like the star wars lego, but with an open world I may have to get this one and how it has a ton of DC super heroes. Kind of weird they title it Batman though.

archemides5182344d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

this better be open world on the vita, and not some 3ds port garbage

even lego batman 1 on psp was a port of the consoles, and not the ds one

from the screenshots it looks most like a wii port, high res ds

stupid tt games

GuruStarr782343d ago

wow... nice.. it is unusual that they're calling this a sequel when it's a whole new type of lego game... you'd think that they'd want to differentiate it from the first batman and all the other lego games, which basically follow the same formula...

I haven't had any desire to play lego games as they all seem to be the same affair, but with different characters, i.e., harry potter, star wars, pirates of the carribean, etc, etc... but this has peaked my interest...

definitely going to the top of my gamefly Q and it might warrant a purchase if it's any good...

attilayavuzer2343d ago

I love the lego games, but an open world Gotham City that's bigger than Just Cause 2? That...might be a bit much.

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