Black Ops 2 Campaign Eyes-On With Two Levels - Protect P.O.T.U.S. & Singapore - NowGamer

Two full campaign levels of Black Ops 2 were shown by Treyarch last week. NowGamer runs down all the new features step by step.

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hennessey862340d ago

They make it sound epic, controllable mechs, jets etc. day 1


and still, people are going to try and convince you that your interest in this game is wrong and stupid, just as they will with the disagree button on this comment.

Dovahkiin2339d ago

I wasn't looking forward to MW3, because I knew it'd bring nothing new to the table. However this game is actually exciting me, and i can't wait.

fastrez2340d ago

Sounding damn good. Treyarch are made of win.

Bring on the disagrees :)

detroitmademe2340d ago

I still wanna hear more about the multiplayer,i wanna know how many of these ''epic'' features will be implemented n the multiplayer because as cool as they make the campaign sound its probably not gonna be more than 10hrs long& i know a long campaign doesnt mean a better campaign but ive learned that most singleplayer/Multiplayer shooter campaigns arent worth $60, so i gotta know wat the multiplayer is doing this time around

SecretPsycho2339d ago

Just a small thing i may of missed or something....but it's says 1-32 players in the game details
Is that true or rumor?

fastrez2339d ago

is Ground War 32 players? I can't remember. Maybe they're just basing it on that.

SecretPsycho2339d ago

The normal ground war was 18 I guess this means bigger maps?