Halo 4 is coming, are you ready?

Halo 4 is easily one of the most anticipated video games slated for release this year.

It’s 343 Industries’ first foray into Xbox’s best-known franchise and there’s a lot riding on the title—mainly because it’s the first core Halo title not developed by Bungie.

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xhedleyx2436d ago

This makes me actually want to buy Halo 4. before I didn't really care.

ATi_Elite2436d ago

1. why does this have a PC tag?
2. What idiots approved this?

I'm interested to see what 343 can do with the Halo Universe.

I can't remember this much excitement for a Dev team taking over a franchise than what we have here.

(Also thinking I'm gonna get some Free Halo 3 and Reach PC action with Win8 once Halo 4 is out)

Vandamme212436d ago Show
AngelicIceDiamond2436d ago

Due to the confirm changes that Frank O Connor has stated. Gutted out graphics to make it look almost next gen, Episodic missions every week with Multiplayer campaigning returning plus allot more on the way? Oh yeah, I'm ready.

spicelicka2436d ago

I have been ready since the dawn of dinosaurs

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