Lead Designer At Harmonix Is Working On Unannounced Kinect Title

Once again, twitter user superannuation is at it again, this time with news that Harmonix Lead Designer, Jim Toepel, the people who brough you Dance Central and Dance Central 2 are working on an unannounced Kinect title, I wonder what it could be.

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NYC_Gamer2342d ago

Dance Central 3?That's like the only killer franchise on Kinect...

guitarded772342d ago

Yeah, probably Dance Central 3... it's had a lot of success. My wife loves that game.

Wikkid6662342d ago

Kinect Sports is the only killer franchise on Kinect.

ChunkyLover532342d ago

Kinect Sports has actually sold better than Dance Central, so I'd expect a new one of those as well. Overall there have been some nice games on Kinect if your into motion gaming though.

I'm stoked for Crimson Dragon and Steel Battalion personally.

Shadonic2342d ago

there's other good games just that most of em don't have commercials spammed all over every network like big ones. Power up heroes is pretty good from what i got in the demo and its release was so unannounced. I fallowed that game for a year and even with all those reminders set up i still didn't know it was out. Honestly they have a lot of good ideas out now with kinect they just need to combine it with a story and some game play elements to get a game running.

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mcstorm2342d ago

I hope they do a dance central / rock band game. I enjoy playing both games and one that puts them together i think would be worth a shot.

Shadonic2342d ago

Imma be pissed if they don't add a online multiplayer versus mode for dance central 3 >:(