GameInformer- Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review: A Veteran Shooter Starts To Show Its Age

GameInformer- Tom Clancy shooters have always drawn in military enthusiasts, but after a five-year hiatus Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is facing a much different battlefield. The co-op campaign and competitive multiplayer offer adequate experiences, but the aged graphics, unrefined controls, and cliché-ridden campaign betray the Future Soldier premise and compromise the game’s ability to compete with more technologically refined shooters.

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SKullDugger2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Wow! What a harsh review. I might take my unopened copy back to GameStop.. I was hoping the final build would be better. Some developers are getting lazy!!

WeskerChildReborned2344d ago

7 ain't really that bad and this is the only review i've seen that was below an 8 but it's still not bad.

dazzrazz2344d ago

thumbs up there was beta otherwise i would waste 60 bucks

SKullDugger2344d ago

Good luck and thanks for the disagree..