Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2- iPhone And iPad Worthy

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Considering Activision's sparse release schedule, I'm grateful that the company has paid attention to mobile games. Although you won't find nearly as many titles on the App Store as Sega, Activision has seemingly adopted a quality over quantity approach to iOS that's served it and thousands of players quite well. Just look at Skylanders Cloud Patrol, a simplistic but thoroughly addictive arcade shooter I still have trouble putting down.

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GraveLord2341d ago iPhone can't even run COD2.

Trenta272341d ago

Have you seen what it can do? If it can run Infinity Blade, GTA III, and more it can play COD. Not like that game has huge requirements or anything...

recninja2341d ago

Infinity Blade is all textures, nothing dynamic.

Hicken2341d ago

It can burn out the battery and be useless as a phone or tablet, too.

Trenta272340d ago

You also realize that it can play ges such as Batman: Arkham City and other ges like it, right?

PersonaCat2341d ago

I may not be a fan of COD, but iphone and ipad worthy? Please don't insult the game by dragging it down to smartphone level. It's more of a case of the latter not being worthy of the former.

YoungKingDoran2341d ago

sure. i'll really enjoy playing it on the train for 20 minutes until the battery dies.