Legend of Alfur: Japan’s Newest First Person Shooter Fires Nothing But Blanks | Kotaku Preview

Kotaku: Last week Kotaku brought you word of The Legend of Alfur, a Japanese-made first person shooter, developed by a small indy game studio using the Unreal Engine. With Japanese-made FPS titles being something of a rarity—especially compared to how many are developed in the West—this seemed the perfect game to check out in more detail. Hoping I had found a diamond in the rough, I went into The Legend of Alfur cautiously optimistic. Sadly, it only took me a few minutes to find out that The Legend of Alfur isn't very good.

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Hicken2341d ago

Sad. Sounds like the story could have been pretty good.

Reibooi2341d ago

Based on the video the game looked pretty decent for a Japanese indy game that is in a genre barely ever done in Japan. It looked decent enough and seemed to function ok in said video. Why Kotaku would go into a Indy game expecting it to be the next great FPS is beyond me. I mean it's a indy game and it's a indy game from Japan. The fact that it was made as a FPS at all is quite something. It looked pretty interesting and if it's available here I would give it a shot.

D3mons0ul2341d ago

Gotta start somewhere, this isn't something they do much. The last one that I can recall was Breakdown on the original Xbox.

Kyosuke_Sanada2341d ago

BREAKDOWN!!!!! Demon Soul you have no idea how what levels of nostalgia you have triggered inside me.

Coded Arms should be added as well....