Diablo 3′s launch day issues aren’t that big of a deal

Last week’s Diablo 3 launch was one of joy and heartbreak. After twelve long years the sequel to one of the most addictive and revered multiplayer games was released into the world, but sadly not in the capacity that longtime fans wanted.

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Christopher2368d ago

1. The issues extend way beyond launch day.

2. Yes, they are a big deal considering this isn't an MMO and yet my single-player experience is drastically affected by their decision to store data on their servers and requires stability and rapid response on their online servers and not just a good Internet connection on my end.

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Trenta272367d ago

Exactly! The issues still plague the game. I literally just got done with the campaign on Diablo 3. Lag hit, kicked me, and I went back to find out it put me at the beginning of the fight. I never once went to public servers to play, as I wanted to solo it once myself. The online issues ruin it.

pat_11_52367d ago

I wouldn't call 2 days after launch day "well beyond launch."

Games come out, they have issues, it sucks but it's a fact of life and a really common occurrence in today's video game industry.

Christopher2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

I am still having tons of lag in the game. My latency hasn't gone below 200msec.

That wasn't just last week, that was last night.

And, I'm not alone

admiralthrawn872367d ago

sucks for you. my latency is ~100ms t most of the time. It does hit 200ms and above but not all the time.

vortis2366d ago

LOL @ admiralthrawn87

That seems to be the common response for most people oblivious to the real issue.

The real issue is that this will never go away, lag will never stop, disconnects will never'll happen, maybe less frequently than at launch but it will happen.

And even people with 200ms or lower will still get hit with spikes. No one will ever be able to simply play Diablo 3 like you could play any other single-player game.

The apologists are hilarious...just wait until some group like Anonymous decides to make a point by DDOS'ing

AIndoria2367d ago

Skyrim comes out with bugs, people hate it.
Diablo 3 comes out with bugs/server errors, people still embrace it. Where's the logic?
But, a well thought out story. I just can't understand. why report it if you do not agree with it?

TheSleepyGamer2367d ago

'Fanbois' my friend. Lots and lots of Blizzard Fanbois.

fluffydelusions2367d ago

Because Blizzard fixes problems quickly, Bethesda you'd be lucky to get a fix at all.

Trenta272367d ago

Blizzard announced today the hotfix for the Monk, which doesn't need it. Sure, Blizzard patches things quickly, but they are focusing on the wrong stuff. For one, the servers need some serious work. Also, the hotfix isn't needed. The Monk class is underpowered as it is and now they go and nerf it? Blizzard no make sense!

TheSleepyGamer2367d ago

If Blizzard hadn't gone DRM mad (mostly to protect their real money auction house) then most players wouldn't have had to endure the terrible start.

The article mentioned WoW servers having issues as some kind of comparison here. But the point missed is that Diablo III is not an MMO. People that want to play single player need an Internet Connection and hope that the Blizzard servers don't have any problems.

Anon19742366d ago

I think the main difference is so many simply couldn't play the game. I skilled Diablo 3 after hearing friends speak of their experiences (and still they're having huge lag issues, getting booted and then are unable to reconnect to servers).

I understand that Skyrim had it's issues but for the majority of players they weren't game breaking issues. I jumped on board the PS3 version of Skyrim well before the patch and I didn't have anything affect my enjoyment of the title. A mammoth once appeared out of nothing and I think after 4 months of playing nothing but Skyrim I suffered 3 crashes.

There is really no comparison here from what I've heard. Skyrim had it's glitches but you could overlook them and still have a blast. People are still struggling to play Diablo 3, as cgoodno above can attest to. Call me crazy, but I'm not going to spend my money on something that I may or may not be able to play when I want to.

AIndoria2365d ago

Thank god, someone gets it. Cheers ser!

Series_IIa2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

Killing your servers every couple of hours just to try and get the store up and squeeze more cash out people is not right.

Simply making you join a server to play the single player portion of the game is definitely not right.

Not to mention advertising PvP and yet no PvP at launch for a game which supposedly took 10 years to make...

You can see the cracks of Activision showing through.

kagon012367d ago

Gamers adapting into accepting broken games such a pity...

fluffydelusions2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

The only issues really are the servers at the moment but that will be fixed. The game itself is solid

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