Turning Point: The Machines of War - New Screens

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty imagines what would have happened if Winston Churchill had died after being hit by a cab in 1931. In reality, Churchill lived and helped repel the Nazi invasion of England. In Codemasters' alternate reality, in which Churchill bit the big one, the Brits never "fight on the beaches" and there is no vow to "never surrender." With most of Europe lost to Nazi forces, the war comes to New York City in 1953. That's where you come in. You're the world's lone hope to turn the tide of war and keep the world from being crushed beneath the heels of Hitler's army.

In this reality, the Nazi war machine has been churning for an extra eight years. Some of the machines of war have evolved for both sides. IGN has assembled a few key pieces of armament that you'll fight against and alongside in Fall of Liberty.

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CH-OutbreaK4669d ago

It really does. It looks interesting. It has taken ideas from resistance with the whole different-WW2 aspect, but pretty cool nonetheless.

iceman29294668d ago

really looking forward to this one!