5 Things Black Ops 2 Must Do to Beat The Amazing Black Ops

How Black Ops 2 Can Be Tastier than its predecessor

Activision has take on the challenge to make a sequel to the bestselling game of all time. Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold more than 3,722,411 copies, according to GfK Chart-Track data that was supplied last year.

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aviator1892343d ago

"Call of Duty franchise has been the undisputed champion in the first person shooter story genre."

"Graphics in Black Ops were as solid as anyone has ever seen in a First Person Shooter." But I do agree about needing bigger DLC packages.

2343d ago
AmkOwns2343d ago

They need to add like a "all perk bonus"-from mw3 to zombies or similar to it and a special juggernaut armor that will last a round,also a cure that will only can be used once to turn a zombie to an allie (that will be invinceable to zombies) so he can kill some zombies by only melee-ing the zombies for u but won't be affective in a shit load of zombies, yahfeelme? Also there should be a switch to start the round instead of leaving a crawler or killing the last zombie. Ps.I'm smashed btw:)

Harelgur2343d ago

If they want it to be better than black ops, they need to do exacly the opposite of what they did in the first one.

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