IGN Preview: Lost Planet 3 Doesn't Look or Play Like a Lost Planet Game

IGN: "When it comes to playing Lost Planet 3 for the first time, regardless of the prequel angle, the new emphasis on a scarier story and an everyman character, I’m most immediately curious about how I’m going to move, run, grappling-hook and mechstomp my way through this reimagining of E.D.N. III.

Turns out it’s a mix of old and new."

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NYC_Gamer2344d ago

I couldn't stand the gameplay of the first two titles in the franchise.....

Neckbear2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

The first was pretty clunky at times and the second required co-op if you hoped to enoy it, but if you got used to the gameplay in both, they were actually great games. Much better than generic third person shooters, at least.

...Which the third one appears to be, sadly.

guitarded772344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

I'm still on the fence on whether or not I liked Lost Planet 1 and 2. They weren't total crap, but they were nothing special either. There are much better third person shooters on the market. I hope LP3 breaks through and is a great game, but I'm not holding my breath. Capcom doesn't even have high expectations for the game... I saw a list of their predicted sales, and it was low on the list... they had predicted sales for LP3 below Dragon's Dogma. Not saying Dragon's Dogma is bad, but to have an established shooter below an RPG without a huge fanbase is kinda odd to me.

jc485732344d ago

God, this is just Dead Space. This is bad man.

Burning_Finger2344d ago

meh..Still waiting for Dead Space 3.

This is more like resident evil 6 with giant mech.

Gen0ne2344d ago

Didn't care for the need to constantly kill things just to keep warm in LP. There were times where I just wanted to walk and look around at the graphics. But no, must soldier forward to maintain my body temp. Ugh, I liken it to the 3 day cycle in Majora's Mask. A tedious and un-welcomed play mechanic that intrudes on the players choice to explore.

jc485732344d ago

really depends. it's mostly about understanding the environment and Lost Planet allows enough time and heat to do whatever exploration you want. It really depends on the player.

Gen0ne2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Fair enough, or in other words, to each their own. Agreed... Still hated it though.

The Great Melon2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

The 3 day cycle in Majora's Mask was (to me) brilliant. While it felt very claustrophobic the first couple of times I ran through Termina, I began to see how that was able to craft a world that was quite dynamic. It was nice to see a world that didn't move completely to your will.

I still haven't played through the Lost Planet franchise yet, because that heat thing really threw me off also the first time I picked the game up. It sounds like I play things in a similar way as you. RPGs tend to last days just because I explore the worlds without end. I feel that if it weren't for all these achievements and trophies I might enjoy games like Lost Planet more which prioritize the struggle moreso than completion.

jc485732344d ago

not many developers can do it right. Games like Dead Rising and Lost Planet and even Majora made me understand that spending time exploring more than you already need to can be a bad thing. It's like "you've seen enough, time to move on."

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