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GR: Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a strong product with plenty to do. It could easily become your go-to multiplayer fare this summer. The single-player campaign is excellent, and multiplayer is varied and deep. The only thing threatening Future Soldier's greatness is an unproven community of players who may or may not move over from the beta. Of course, only the ghosts know what the future holds.

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Sev2344d ago

Lots of good scores. Ubi has another great game on their hands.

ftwrthtx2344d ago

I love the tactical aspect of the campaign. Another great Tom Clancy game

dbjj120882344d ago

Kind of crazy that Ubi keeps cranking these games out.

insertcoin2344d ago

Can't really do wrong with a Ghost Recon game. Glad to hear it's awesome.