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"Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier hits store shelves today. Are you going to pick it up? We can help you make that choice. Do you like lengthy, rich campaigns with great dialog and action? If so, you might want to go play something else. If you like spending mind-numbingly long periods of time in front of your TV with an awesome multiplayer experience? Grab Future Soldier!

If the review was based on the multiplayer alone, the score would have been much higher."

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Ashunderfire862343d ago

Now this is a real honest review. I notice how Ign and Gamespot never mention some of the problems this guy mention. Ign and Gamespot was a bit to forgiving on he graphics. Like I said before this game graphics look like a Hi-def Splinter Cell Chao Theory. Heck even Splinter Cell Convicition looks even better. I sure as hell agree that Halo 2 looks better too.

Zha1tan2342d ago

May sub to this site, they are not afraid of giving good honest reviews which are not afraid to highlight the big problems with games.

I was considering getting this until I seen the presentation and heard about the single player and now that it has an online pass im not renting it.