Dead Island - Game of the Year Edition PAL Release Date Announced

Following the rumours of a new Dead Island retail package last month, Deep Silver today announced the upcoming release of the “Game of the Year Edition” for the award-winning videogame. Dead Island has already grown a huge fan base, having sold way over three million copies worldwide, and this new edition gives players who are yet to experience the mega hit Dead Island a version packed with all existing content.

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Alos882343d ago

Can they even call it GOTY edition? Did any reviewers give it GOTY? Hell, did ANYONE give it GOTY?

brettyd2343d ago

All it takes is one publication.

mathsman2342d ago

Doesn't even take one. They can call it whatever the hell they like, there are no rules for this kind of thing.

F7U122343d ago

GOTY? What year was this?

ElasticLove2343d ago

Trailer of the Year maybe, but Game of the Year not so much.