Gravity Rants: Nice People You Meet on Live and Map Packs

Gravity gives a shout out to a Xbox buddy and talks Elite Face off map pack.

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Akuma-2436d ago

Nice people on xbl? I don't believe it

Rob Hornecker2436d ago

I have been on XBL from the start. I have met some great people that have become life long friends,but I have also met my share of asswipes too! What has killed XBL over the years has been the case of getting away from the hardcore gamer core and going for the so-called "Family" style of use for the Xbox 360.

These days xbl is filled with foul mouthed 7 to 10 year olds that go around with a me me me mind set,want to start crap with anybody that is kicking there butts in a game.

What ever happened to resepect? If I look at a profile on a person I have a gripe with and saw they have been around for 9 years I sure wouldn't send them a nasty message! I might invite them to a private chat and see what is up. As this guy in this story has done,he made a friend out of a otherwise bad experance.