Things Microsoft needs to do at E3 to dominate

GameZone writes, "In just a matter of weeks, this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will take place in Los Angeles, California, giving several gaming companies the opportunity to show what they’ve got in terms of new hardware and software. Microsoft, content on focusing on the here and now with their current Xbox 360 console (in other words, no new hardware), is likely to focus more on the entertainment aspect of their system, rather than “blow away” software that will attract gamers. Will that be enough to win E3?"

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Akuma-2343d ago

Announce the next gen xbox

lifesanrpg2343d ago

You mean you don't want the Kinect 2!?!?!? (that's sarcasm)

da_2pacalypse2343d ago

No, don't announce the new xbox. WE NEED MORE GAMES!!! 1 retail release for 2012 is not at all acceptable. Microsoft needs to buy some developing studios and get to work!

EVILDEAD3602342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Micrsoft can't shutdown the other 2 companies as both Ninty and Sony have some great games to show..but the other guys won't shutdown Microsoft either...ignore the daily internet haters..Microsoft has the goods for a huge E3 this year..

It's simple

Show off the blockbusters

The one two punch of Halo 4 and Bungie's shooter rumored to be an Xbox 360 exclusive until next gen.

Black Ops 2 will clearly be on the 360 stage..the sleeper would be for Crysis 3 to be on the E3 stage as well

Forza Horizon could be a sleeper and the biggest driving game of the year.

Kinect still can't be touched by the other two companies..even Wii-U

Show off the hardcore Kinect games Fable:Journey, Steel Batallion, Crimson Dragoon

EA can lift Kinect to new levels with Maddon 13 and Fifa 13..and the secret game (I'm leaning towards Fight Night 13..which Kinect would destroy the comp for this game)

Keep bringing the two leading Kinect franchise..

Kinect Sports:Summer Olympics and Dance Central 3 (or the new IP that Harmonix may be working on)

The rumored Kinect all inclusive fitness tracker..

Kick the Wii in the groin by making the case that it's top selling casual franchises Just Dance 4 & Zumba make more sense on Kinect than anywhere else.

More content through live..Kinect versions of Temple run?

More unique content through Fun Labs

Kinect Skype..the only console that would have Skype.

XBOX LIVE ARCADE..Micrsoft is already killing it with Alan Wake Nightmares, Minecraft, and Trials Evolution early in the year..but we all know what comes in the Summer..

Summer of Arcade..Show Deadlight (looks amazing)..and a suprise HD remake of Killer Instinct..Shadow Complex 2..ok I'm dreaming..Otogi 1 & 2 HD collection would make me weep with joy. Shenmue HD collection would make me stand with a slow golf clap for an hour..Jade Empire HD or Star War KOTOR HD collection would probably make me pass out..ok I digress..MS please please suprise us

XBOX LIVE..other than Skype the big time announcement would be the advent of Windows 8 incorporation or wait for it..the Kinect enabled and voice activated internet Browser.

And finally just stop faking out the world and show that 720 is coming in 2014..

If Microsoft makes this case that they still have the blockbuster games, the casual games through Kinect, and that Xbox Live is still the best out there then they will not only have a huge holiday it might completely eclipse last year's sales.

Just my take..I got one for Sony and Ninty as well..


CoolBeansRus2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

They need to announce something besides black ops 2. If they are not announcing the next Xbox they better have a bunch of games to announce before the next Xbox launches. That's it.
For MSFT to "do good" they need to:
1. Announce new xbox and show it off.
2. Announce a bunch of titles.
Dominate? I dont think any one company can dominate unless the other companies just don't show anything exciting. It can be done if one campany announces a bunch of new titles and new hardware and the others don't.
I have faith that they will all do something good! for gaming! This is a crucial E3, i believe.

iamnsuperman2343d ago

Get rid of the cheesiness. I really hate watching their conference because it gets to cringey at times. If you are going to announce a feature please do not make us sit there and watch some awful script like the Kinect video chat

They also need to bring their A game when it comes to big announcements. Announcing Kinect games is fine but a balance between the younger and older crowd is needed.

NYC_Gamer2343d ago

I bet MS will open up with Black Ops 2 gameplay and announce timed exclusive maps

Dlacy13g2343d ago

I would love to see MS do something similar to what they did with their final CES Keynote. It was more like you were listening in on an interview of Balmer and Seacrest which while corny in bits, came across very genuine to me unlike most of the their E3's which are very structured just like all the other console makers: Show trailer, make announcement, show trailers, talk figures, show more trailers, finish with big announcement.

ChunkyLover532343d ago

Well its hard to dominate a conference in my opinion, in the past couple of years Microsoft has had what many internet people consider to be "bad E3's" but Microsoft probably made the most money off of what they showed during those two shows, mostly with Kinect and the Xbox 360s console.

I think its hard to get a lot of attention when Nintendo is showing a new console. Obviously new hardware is going to have all eyes on it.

I think Microsoft could surprise people with a new IP or two and a possible reboot, show the Skyrim expansion and have a solid show.

Hicken2343d ago

Dominating a conference means people are talking about you the most, hopefully in positive ways. With that in mind, it's been a few years since Microsoft had a good E3.

This gets said a lot, but what we gamers need to be focused on is not how much money the companies are making, but the quality and quantity of products provided to us. If Sony makes a billion dollars in the next two hours, but I've got nothing to show for it, what good does that do me?

The Big Three have a chance at "winning" E3 by showing products and services that get people the most excited. As it currently stands, Microsoft's chances of doing that are almost nonexistent.

ChunkyLover532343d ago

Well I think its strictly your own personal opinion that Microsoft hasn't had a good E3 in years.

I have been greatly excited over their last couple of E3's and have quite a bit to show for it. My new Xbox 360s, Kinect, Gears 3, Forza 4, Halo CEA, Fruit Ninja, Kinect Sports, Dance Central and probably a bunch of stuff I'm forgetting. Keep in mind that just because you don't like motion controls or Kinect doesn't mean everyone else doesn't.

When they show Kinect stuff some people probably get very excited to see what they will have to offer, I can see that if your not into Kinect how that would be a bit boring for you though, sort of like when Sony shows Vita stuff and I don't have a Vita. I get that, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't show Vita stuff.

I've gotten a 3DS, PlayStation Move and a ton of Nintendo and Sony games based off E3 presentations as well. I've never watched a single conference from the big three and said "That is it, they won it!". I guess I just don't look at gaming that way, I watch E3 to see what kind of cool hardware and games I can get in the near future.

I just get the feeling by looking at your past comments that no matter what Microsoft does or doesn't do, you will hate their show. I sort of actually feel bad for you that you cant find it in yourself to enjoy all the companies and all the differences, its kind of groovy to play different things at different times.

Sometimes I'm in a Kinect mood, sometimes a Wii mood and right now I'm playing through Sorcery with my Move.

I don't like labels personally, but some might consider me casual, even though I play games like Resistance, Call Of Duty, Halo and Gears Of War online.

Whatever floats your boat, enjoy the shows brotha!

IHateYouFanboys2342d ago

@ChunkyLover53: "I just get the feeling by looking at your past comments that no matter what Microsoft does or doesn't do, you will hate their show."

yahtzee! this guy follows me around on here like a bad smell, replying to every post i make with pro-sony dribble.

to me, a PS3/360/wii/DS/PSP owner, Microsoft has had better E3 showings than sony for the last few years. like you said, Gears/kinect/forza/etc beat out trailers of already announced games that i dont care about (sorcery, modnation, etc). i use my 360 as a multimedia device, and microsoft just keep impressing every year with the XBox Live updates that they announce at E3. just because someone without a 360 like Hicken says that Live services are rubbish, doesnt mean they are.

IMO things microsoft need to do at E3 to "win" it are:

1. somehow have nintendo not show the Wii U. it doesnt really matter what Sony and Microsoft show unless its a next gen console, Nintendo "win" as theyre showing theirs.
2. Halo 4 gameplay and trailer. Halo is the biggest exclusive franchise of the 360 and PS3, no questions asked. it WILL sell 10 million copies at LEAST, probably double what the biggest PS3 exclusive of the year will sell, and will have hundreds of thousands of people playing it online for years.
3. Forza Horizon gameplay and information. Forza 4 was unanimously declared the best console racing sim game ever by critics, so to see a sort-of follow up thats going in a different direction has many people eagerly anticipating it.
4. Black Ops 2 gameplay/trailer with announcements of the timed exclusive DLC. itll be the biggest selling game of this year, just like every other COD before it.

Hicken2342d ago

"I just get the feeling by looking at your past comments that no matter what Microsoft does or doesn't do, you will hate their show."

What they need to show me is the core gamer is most important to them. They need to show me that THEY- not third parties- are actively producing things to keep the core interested and excited. Apps are fun and all, but I buy video game consoles for GAMES, and that's something Microsoft has slacked in supplying recently. You like their offerings? That's great for you, but I'm not so impressed. Sue me.

As for playing different things, my library consists of some of everything. Racing, shooters, platformers, RPGS(most of my games are here), fighters, puzzlers, action adventure, beatem-ups, MMOs, everything by thatgamecompany, and more. From Joust and Galaga to Fragile Dreams and Lost Odyssey and lots of everything inbetween.

@IHateYouFanboys: Get real. You say "I own all consoles" like half of N4G, then proceed to do nothing but bash any and everything Sony does. Nobody's fooled by you, not even yourself.

And really, if you were as objective as you want people to believe, why would I, a so-called Sony fanboy, follow you around countering your comments with "pro-Sony dribble?" Did you even think about that before you said it? No, I guess not.

If you can point out to me one comment where I've said "Live is crap," "Live sucks," or any other such variation, I will post nothing but pro-Microsoft comments for the duration of June. No talking about my most anticipated game, Gravity Rush. No talking about whatever Sony does at E3. Only good things to say about Microsoft.


I'm not worried, though. I'm about as worried as I am about someone taking you seriously.

Forza_is_King2342d ago

@ Hicken

"What they need to show me is the core gamer is most important to them. They need to show me that THEY- not third parties- are actively producing things to keep the core interested and excited"

Why does it matter if it's a 1st party exclusive or a 3rd party exclusive? It's still an exclusive game. Why would it mater what party is the developer of the title?

If MS contacted ubisoft to make Killer Instinct 3, why should it matter that it was a 3rd party that developed the game rather than an MS 1st party? It's still an exclusive IP. Just like how Gears of War is a 3rd party exclusive franchise on the 360. It's an awesome franchise that has sold millions. So who cares who made it?

I do agree with you that MS needs to focus a bit on the core gamer a bit more now. MS have a very large library of titles that for the life of me don't develop.

Killer Instinct
Brute Force
Blood Wake
Crimson Sky's

Some from 1st parties some from 3rd. The only reason I can see as to why there has been such a decline in core games for the 360 is because they are ramping up development so that when the 720 is released, there will be a large library for it for core and casual gamers.

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