Assassin's Creed 3 Headed To PS Vita

Alleged Ubisoft source, mentions next Assassin's Creed game will be 'playable' on PS Vita.

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SandWitch2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Are f'in kidding me? O_O

AC3 with Vita-exclusive characters and story would be something awesome. Hope it's truth

MasterCornholio2340d ago

Yep the developers are just trolling you because it won't be a Vita game it will be a 3DS one. Sorry but the Vita hasn't sold enough to earn their support.

Lol just kidding but I hope it's a new game based in the world of AC3 instead of a straight console port.


MakiManPR2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

You know that there was gonna be an AC game for the 3DS but it got canceled to gave birth to Revelations?


cmpunk532340d ago

dude the 3ds version is cancelled..

Akuma-2340d ago

Buying this the second day because ill be writing a love note to my vita on the first day assassins creed 3 is for sale on vita

cmpunk532340d ago


With all these "ports" coming to vita, it just proves that vita is very capable device to give us gamers a Home console experience on the go. If all these Castlevania LOS2, LBP Karting,PS Allstars, AC3 all proved to be true, then I'm not going to be surprised if COD Vita will also be BlackOPs2

Nate-Dog2340d ago

What do you mean by "Vita-exclusive characters"? It's not like it's a fighter game. Not to mention what's the point in releasing / buying ACIII on consoles and PC if it's not even going to be the full game?

They should either just make the same game on either console or not. Knowing Ubisoft they'll decide that in order to access anything exclusive you have to buy both versions and connect them to each other to make sure they get their money's worth.

ieatbabies2340d ago

I don't think it would have exclusive characters on a main story, but maybe downloadable content? Good to see big developing companies supporting the Vita.

dark-hollow2340d ago

I really hope this isn't the rumored assassin creed title for the vita.
I really would like an original assassin creed made solely for the vita only.

cmpunk532340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

As much as I agree with you but AC spinoffs were never really good. I played almost every AC along with the ios,ds, and psp version but they all suck. Not that i compare a home console game with handhelds but it really is bland.

This is one game series that I don't like it's spinoffs unlike gta and kingdom hearts but I could be wrong. Maybe a Vita version will be the best of them all but it's up to Ubisoft.

PersonaCat2340d ago

I agree with you, but to be fair, playing AC without two sticks is pretty terrible. I got AC for the psp, and my only problem with it was the camera controls. They could do so much more with the vita.

lifesanrpg2340d ago

"according to an Italian forum poster claiming to be a Ubisoft developer."

Do you believe everything people tell you?

For the record, if true, then totally awesome!!!...but I'm skeptical.

Alos882340d ago

By the way, I'm a developer at Valve. We're skipping Half Life 3 to do Half Life 4 instead- don't worry, it'll make sense eventually.

ginsunuva2340d ago

You guys are quacks. I actually work for Microsoft, and I can tell you that for our next console, called the Xbox 9000, we're gonna drop focus for Kinect and casual crap, and we're focusing on the real gamers and bringing a bunch of new exclusive IPs, more 1st party studios, and indie devs instead of relying on timed exclusivity. We want to support originality and creativity instead of the same casual game and shooters each year. Because here at Microsoft, the consumer is our only focus. We're also cancelling Halo 5 and 6 because we respect the Halo franchise and realized we do not want to tarnish the name by milking it.

brettyd2340d ago

Say whaaaaaaa!? Vita rules.

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The story is too old to be commented.