MadCatz Wireless Force Feedback Wheel Review | MKGaming - "Madcatz are the king of 3rd party gaming hardware. Their products range from mice to capture cards and flight sticks. We were lucky enough to get our grips on their latest official Xbox 360 steering wheel, with wireless technology and force feedback it looks to be one of the best wheels around. However, is it really as good as it looks and is it worth the $249.99 price tag?"

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BuffMordecai2343d ago

Average wheel for that price and Madcatz is the king of shoddy 3rd party hardware. You could get the official forza wheel, the fanatec csr for that price, and it has 900 degrees of rotation, instead of 270 like the madcatz, full compatibility with xbox/ps3/pc, on wheel game settings, and metal pedals with a clutch.