Why Gaming Journalism Should Stop Treating Women Like Meat

Gawker writes

I'm not saying gaming news should become as mature a genre of journalism as politics, business, and world news. It's still a new field and will always be as subjective as covering music or film, with the accompanying celebrity culture. But now that women outnumber men in online gaming, party games like Rock Band appeal to both sexes, and casual games (popular among women and adults) are the fastest-growing segment of the gaming industry, gaming journalism should be an all-inclusive genre.

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xsteinbachx4297d ago

So you mean i should stop grinding up my gf?

cjp4eva4297d ago

uhm women dont outnumber man online.

mccomber4297d ago

But the majority of gamers are male, and as long as that's the case most facets of the industry will focus on what that segment enjoys: boobies.

BTW, I love that one of the sites the article links to in reference has the attached image as an ad. Which industry is it that has the problem with treating women like objects again?

EZCheez4297d ago

Who finds the picture for this story ironic?

Rice4297d ago

i also find it ironic.....

TwissT4297d ago

Ironic and arrousing... lol

mintaro4297d ago

hmmm, im prettys sure the majority of gamers, along with online gamers are of the male gender

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The story is too old to be commented.