Uncharted Goes Digital: First Two PS3 Adventures Hit PSN June 26th

PlayStation Blog: Do you know what Nathan Drake is most afraid of? How about why, when, and where he first met Elena Fisher? Uncover these truths and much more via Drake’s first two critically acclaimed PS3 adventures when they arrive as digital downloads on the PlayStation Store. UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition will land on the PlayStation Store in the downloadable PS3 game section on June 26th.

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Halochampian2342d ago

If you were too lazy to go out and buy these great games in stores... now you can from your couch!

Spydiggity2342d ago

why does it have anything to do with lazy? maybe new adopters just heard about the series, but not enough to be interested in seeking it out in stores. maybe just seeing it now is enough inspiration to check the series out. personally, i think the first uncharted is the best, and i think it's the game ppl should play. if they can get it effortlessly in their home, i'm all for it.

brodychet2342d ago

He was joking. Grow some humor.

Spydiggity2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

didn't seem like a joke. seemed like he was implying that if you were interested in the game, you'd have it by now...

Halochampian2342d ago

Thanks brodychet. I'm glad you and most people understood my post.

egidem2342d ago

This is actually for those without the time to go out and buy the game.

I don't know for some reason, but I prefer the physical disc. It's there on my shelf, I can bring it down and play it or lend it to a friend.

mobhit2341d ago

Seriously? IT WAS JOKE!

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Kurylo3d2342d ago

digital is the way to go. Always owning the game regaurdless if u lose or break the disc. Awesome news. Been wanting to play uncharted series for a while now, but just havent bothered going to the store.

DJLB21152341d ago

what if you lose your internet or the PSN goes down b4 u can re-install or something like that? thats where the physical copy wins. plus, i can put the game case w the rest of my cases so it actually FEELS like a part of my collection. physical vs digital they both have their flaws and uses

Kurylo3d2341d ago

Hasn't been a problem with pc users on steam. I would never buy a pc game physical copy at this point. Just love how the digital thing is always the latest version of the game.. not worrying about updating ever.
The list of available purchased games is my collection. Dont need the boxes wasting space. When you get 50 games do you really need a bookshelf of 50 boxes.

Nimblest-Assassin2342d ago

They should release all the games in a steelbook case, I would totally buy them again... it could be like a collectible item...

GraveLord2342d ago

It would be cheaper and faster to buy them from a retail store TBH.

Gamer19822341d ago

I will be shocked if these sell in digital format as whos gonna buy it? If you havn't bought it by now you ain't gonna buy it. No doubt they will be in the region of 4X or more than the physical media version of the games too.

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himdeel2342d ago

They should be free for PS+ people.

iNcRiMiNaTi2342d ago

Not free but maybe discounted. ND is one of the few devs I don't mind supporting

DJLB21152341d ago

those people who disagreed w u must not be PS+ users lol. whoever had it wouldnt say that. i cant see them making uncharted 2 free for us, but part one seems reasonable and would be a GREAT way for sony to intice people to get PS +

KontryBoy7062342d ago

I bet you one will be $20 and the other will be $30

Sevir2342d ago

They should both be #20 digital or discounted to $15 each for PS+ but personally I dont want them digital that 18.5GB for U:DF and 20.8GB for U2:AT i'll take this disc versions like i have right now and be ok!

DJLB21152342d ago

This is cool and all, but i might just go grab the retail pack. i think it came w both games and a controller. that way i should still be able to get all the free DLC and i can save some space on my hard drive as well. 320 GB can go faster than u think. Cant wait till my new ps3 gets here this week so i can start my new project. Multiman anyone?

TreMillz2342d ago

R.I.P My Hard Drive Disk

nevin12342d ago

I still have a 80gb =(

F7U122342d ago

get 500gb they're cheap as hell right now.

problemchild842342d ago

I got a 500gb HDD from for $50 with free shipping.

snake-OO2341d ago

you can get a terra byte now for real cheap as well

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