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Every member of the XCOM Initiative has a name. You’ll soon find yourself developing relationships with even the lowliest rookie as they line up under the Skyranger before each mission.

As the campaign progresses, the aliens will spread over more and more of Earth. Soon enough your limited resources will present you with impossible choices – extract a skilled scientist team from France or quell a terror attack in Korea?

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kostchtchie_2342d ago

i heard they have removed random terrain maps / ammo / no alien looting etc, is this true? is the game just all graphics and the ant farm? game seems like it is turning into just another linear graphic action game for the pick up and play masses, instead of people that liked type of game the original offered

i want to like it as UFO and Tftd was my favorite games, but the whole gameplay design of this new one is really putting me off, i love the art style but if the gameplay is garbage then there is no point even playing it

Weefz2342d ago

In the few levels I played there was no ammo. At the end of a mission, corpses and weapon scrap were automatically brought back to the base and used as research materials but it was mostly tutorial levels so don't know if there will be areas or bodies to loot in later missions. Got an interview booked at E3 so I'll ask then.

kostchtchie_2342d ago

nice, thanks for the heads up weefz, could you try find out much as possible :P mostly looking for info on how much customization and stuff in the game, and if the PC version will be allowed mods :)