Evidence Points Toward Gran Turismo 6

FanCensus says: "Associate Brand Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, Brian Dunn may have accidentally outed Gran Turismo 6 on his Linkedin profile it seems. As you can see below Gran Turismo 6 is included in his list of titles he’s worked/working on. This has since been removed from his profile."

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Akuma-2344d ago

The writer could have said "Evidence points towards the next real driving simulator"

ieatbabies2344d ago

ParadisePony: This has been posted already. Trying to help you out, bra

dumahim2344d ago

And here I thought Polyphony would have just been sitting around playing minefield.

ATi_Elite2344d ago

you mean playing Minecraft

ProGrasTiNation2344d ago

They have been working on this since before gt5 was even released...kaz pretty much said it himself!